• Fire Truck Stay at Riverside Farm Camping

    May 17, 2024

    I always love hearing about new and unusual places to stay. Over the years we’ve stayed in some incredible places including luxury treehouses, double decker buses, traditional yurts and even a pod in a tree. You’d think we’d be running out of quirky places to explore.. but the glamping industry just keeps on giving. There’s…

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  • Rustic Roots or Lavish Lodgings? A Comparison of Camping and Glamping

    September 5, 2023

    Everyone can benefit from spending time outdoors. The fresh air and panoramic scenery calm the mind and re-energize the body. So it’s no wonder there are plenty of options to experience nature and bond with family and friends. Camping is your ticket to diverse settings that span from the grandeur of national parks to the…

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  • Experiencing Nature at its Finest: A Guide for Planning the Perfect Camping Trip

    February 22, 2023

    Any of you who follow my posts know that I love being outdoors. Camping is one of favourite things to do either on my own or with the family. I love how it allows you to fully escape everyday life and immerse yourself in nature. From the fresh air, scenic views, peaceful moments under the…

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  • Back to basics: A guide to Survival Camping

    October 6, 2022

    Survival Camping is a relatively new concept. For the more adventurous souls, it is an opportunity to connect with nature, hone your survival skills, and indulge in the spirit of your surroundings with little to no modern amenities to hold back. Survival camping has risen in popularity, especially over the last few decades, and it…

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  • Wild Canvas Camping: The campsite with a splash of festival fun

    September 8, 2022

    Wild Canvas is an annual, pop-up camping experience with a laid back festival vibe. Set in the stunning grounds of the Turvey House Estate near Bedford the site offers a huge, natural playground for all ages including access to the magical Great Ouse. We had the pleasure of visiting during the August heatwave. We spent…

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  • The Ultimate Guide to the Basics of Backpacking

    August 25, 2022

    There’s a certain romance to the backpacking holiday. When you can carry everything you need with you on your back, you have a freedom to explore the natural world that just can’t be enjoyed when you’re towing a suitcase around. Getting the most from this kind of travel takes a little bit of patience and…

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  • Stick in the Sand ~ Eco Windbreaks for the Brightest Beach Days

    June 22, 2022

    Think of your typical British seaside scene and no doubt you’ll envisage colourful deckchairs, buckets and spades…and a host of retro windbreaks. For years we’ve relied on cheaply made, disposable windbreaks that suffice for a year or two. Stick in the Sand are here to offer a far more sustainable, durable and long lasting alternative…

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  • 5 Ways to Make Your 2022 Camping Trip More Sustainable

    February 24, 2022

    As any family camper knows, living under canvas with kids in tow can entail huge amounts of packaging and plastics. Even the most organised of us will create a small amount of waste when prepping to feed and wash away from home. It’s ironic that these excursions, where we set out to be close to…

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  • Online Social Media Training for Campsites and Glamping Businesses

    December 9, 2020

    Regular readers of Juggling on Rollerskates will be aware of our love for the Sussex based Secret Campsite. This hugely popular campsite has been successful in blending forward thinking glamping concepts such as the Tree Tent and Okra, with the simplicity of traditional back to basics camping. The site is run by Tim and Lisa…

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  • All the fun of the farm at Sacrewell, Peterborough

    August 12, 2020

    General entry price: Adult £6, Child £4.50 (pre-booked only) Camping: £20 / £25 (with electric hook-up)  Sacrewell Farm has been run by the William Scott Abbott Trust since the 1960’s with the aim of connecting people of all ages with all aspects of agriculture and farming life. Today the farm not only operates as a…

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  • 4 Things You Need Before Taking a Van on a Road Trip

    April 11, 2020

    Sponsored Post – Taking a van on the road with you and your family is different than glamping or staying in an Airbnb; you’re able to get closer to nature, decide where you want to park up and stay the night. Whether you’re thinking about a UK road trip or a trip abroad in the…

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  • 10 ways to add fun learning to your camp at home adventures

    April 9, 2020

    I don’t think there’s been a time when I have felt this fortunate to have our own garden. Our garden is small but over the past few weeks of lockdown I’ve grown to appreciate every square inch. We’ve embraced this period as an opportunity to make the best of this strange situation and have decided…

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  • Tree Tent Glamping at the Secret Campsite, Lewes

    August 20, 2019

    The Secret Campsite isn’t your average campsite. Here the selling point is true simplicity, escapism and the chance to experience nature and wildlife in its purest form. When I caught up with owner, Tim Bullen in the run up to our stay he emphasised his desire to create a place that offers guests the opportunity…

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  • Review: Amazonas Ultra-Light Hammock

    June 21, 2019

    Having travelled widely throughout South America in the 1990’s, Amazonas founder Mattias Saul became well practised in customising heavy duty hammocks so they would provide adequate protection from the tropical environments. He felt he could create a more practical solution himself and Amazonas Hammocks was born. The company now create a wide range of hammocks…

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  • Lifelong Lessons: 5 Important Things Your Children Will Learn on a Camping Trip

    January 24, 2019

    Camping with your children is a great way to help them learn lifelong lessons and show them they can have fun without being sat behind a computer screen. If you love the outdoors and want to introduce your children to the wonders of camping, here are just a few reasons why it can be great…

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