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Stick in the Sand ~ Eco Windbreaks for the Brightest Beach Days

June 22, 2022

Think of your typical British seaside scene and no doubt you’ll envisage colourful deckchairs, buckets and spades…and a host of retro windbreaks. For years we’ve relied on cheaply made, disposable windbreaks that suffice for a year or two. Stick in the Sand are here to offer a far more sustainable, durable and long lasting alternative guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest of British beach days.

Who are Stick in the Sand?

Stick in the Sand are a small, independent business established by Debs Simmonds-Sawle. Debs lives right on the Cornish coast and started creating her own eco windbreaks driven by a desire to reduce waste in order to protect and maintain the beauty of her beloved Cornwall. Made from 100% canvas Debs measures and dyes her brightly coloured windbreaks in her workshop in Mullion, in deepest Cornwall.

About the windbreaks

Each windbreak is created from a choice of colours and combinations. Some are tie-dyed, some are scatter dyed, others ice-dyed and others embellished with patterns and prints. Every windbreak is unique and made to order so you’ll never have exactly the same as anyone else on the beach! No more trying to spot your beach camp amongst the other cheap and boring plastic windbreaks dotting the sand. Every standard size windbreak is 1 meter high and three meters long and you can opt to buy with or without poles.

Our thoughts

We added a Stick in the Sand tie-dye windbreak to our summer kit collection at the start of 2022. I love the bright blues which just look incredible against summer skies. Each time I see it set up I think of Sully from Monsters Inc! So for we’ve used our Stick in the Sand as a screen for our camping pitch, shelter on the beach and picnic decor. I loved spotting the bright blues from my sea swim during our recent visit to Worthing – I’m short sighted so it was a huge help having an obvious landmark to head for in my foggy sea swim haze. The canvas is strong and as long as the poles are secured sufficiently stands up to even the strongest of winds. A welcome addition to our summer adventures.

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about Stick in the Sand please visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

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