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Review: Amazonas Ultra-Light Hammock

June 21, 2019

Having travelled widely throughout South America in the 1990’s, Amazonas founder Mattias Saul became well practised in customising heavy duty hammocks so they would provide adequate protection from the tropical environments. He felt he could create a more practical solution himself and Amazonas Hammocks was born. The company now create a wide range of hammocks many of which are made from parachute silk offering adventurers a light, practical and functional place to sleep.

We were asked to try out the ultra-light travel hammock which is designed to be incredibly simple to use and easy to carry. Sadly our test environment wasn’t as exciting as the jungles of South America but we were still able to experience the simplicity of assembling and using the ultra-light hammock all the same.

The Set Up

The hammock comes in it’s own carry pack which is compact and easy to carry. The pack is small enough to fit in a back pack without taking up too much room and is light enough to justify it’s place on a kit list. The hammock is suspended by two anchor points using adaptable micro-ropes. This is easily done and a simple process. We tweaked the tension and height of the hammock a couple of times but overall the whole set up took less than five minutes – even on our first attempt!

How does it feel?

The kids gave the ultra-light a good testing by scrambling in and out and bouncing while suspended, however it remained secure and stable despite being put through its paces! Reclining in the hammock felt comfortable and secure. There is enough of the soft parachute silk to envelop the occupant. This enables you to adapt the level of exposure should you want to hide from the sun or feel more cocoon-like.


This model of hammock retails for around £35. I think that this is a very reasonable price. It’s well made, well packaged, easy to use and practical. Admittedly we were only experimenting with the hammock for a bit of fun but I have no doubt this would be fit for purpose in more adventurous settings. It’s worth mentioning that Amazonas offer a wide range of hammocks and accessories such as mosquito nets and tarp so you can adapt your hammock to your travels.


The Ultra- Light Hammock is perfect for small scale adventures or as an addition to your Summer camping kit. We’ll certainly be making the most of it in the garden this Summer. Personally I would go for something more substantial for any serious adventuring. For inspiration you can check out the full range of hammocks from Cool Hammocks UK .

Disclosure: We were gifted a hammock for the purpose of this review.

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