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The Ultimate Guide to the Basics of Backpacking

August 25, 2022

There’s a certain romance to the backpacking holiday. When you can carry everything you need with you on your back, you have a freedom to explore the natural world that just can’t be enjoyed when you’re towing a suitcase around.

Getting the most from this kind of travel takes a little bit of patience and practice, but the effort is justified by the rewards. So, what’s the right way to approach a backpacking holiday, and how can you prepare yourself?

Get used to the pack

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your backpack on, almost by definition. If you’re not used to the weight of it, then you might find that you’re just a little bit vexed throughout the trip. There’s a way to deal with this, and that’s to train yourself to carry your pack. Go on a few long hikes with the backpack on, steadily building the weight to a level that you can be comfortable with. This will not only get you physically prepared for your travels: it’ll also get you in good shape.

Plan your route

You should have a good idea of where you’re going to be heading, and where the significant landmarks along the way will be. These should include your campsites, any water sources, and any difficult terrain you might encounter.

Ideally, you’ll be taking a quality GPS device with you on your travels. This will allow you to remain advised of where the elevation gains are, and where specific hazards have made a particular route impassable. Like any good plan, yours should provide room for a little flexibility. If you find that you can’t progress via a particular route, then you should have an alternative in mind.

You should also worry about travelling to and from your route. You might be able to do this without spending a huge amount, especially if you’re a key worker. An easyJet discount code for NHS workers, for example, might save you a significant amount.

Pack the right equipment

We’ve already mentioned one very useful piece of equipment, but there are others to consider, too. A water purifier will allow you to top up your supply without having to carry enormous quantities of the stuff around with you. You should also make sure that you have enough food on you to survive. That can mean up to four-thousand calories a day, depending on the distance you’re travelling. If you aren’t yet experience in backpacking, then you might not yet understand just how much you need. As such, it’s better to err on the side of packing more food.

Your tent and sleeping equipment should be inspected before you set out. This means your pack, the sleeping bag, and the tent itself.

Have an emergency contact

You should communicate your plans with someone, so that, if something does happen, then someone will be aware of your location.

Follow these few simple steps for a smoother, more enjoyable backpack adventure. Enjoy the freedom and cherish every moment. Safe travels!

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