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How To Capture Good Moments Through Your Camera: What Camera Should You Buy?

October 7, 2022

Capturing good moments is hard. Pointing the camera and pressing the button is easy, but taking a high-quality picture is quite the opposite. Most professional photographers take months to get their first perfect shot. It’s not as simple as just buying an expensive camera and heading somewhere beautiful to get good photos. A lot depends on your skills. In the right hands, even pictures taken on a smartphone will turn out to be masterpieces of photography.

This article won’t make you a professional photographer. But you will learn to how to shoot a little better than before and get the motivation to move on…

How To Capture Good Moments Through Your Camera?

Let’s first take a look at the main points you should pay attention to if you want to take high-quality pictures and work with the likes of glamping businesses or holiday companies:

➔    Set up your camera

How can you take good photos without spending a bit of time setting up your equipment? Focusing errors can occur due to the photographer’s mistake and incorrect settings directly on the camera. These are small mistakes that can be easily avoided. In addition, you need to study your camera manual before use. Learn how to focus it correctly in manual mode and use additional settings.

➔    Wipe the lens

No matter how trite and stupid it may sound, you probably have several marky photos in your gallery, even on your smartphone, because of the dirty camera. Try to make it a habit to constantly wipe the camera lens before shooting since muddy photos are caused precisely because of this. This is especially true of the front camera if you take pictures on a smartphone for the same Instagram.

➔    Don’t be afraid of bad shots

An obvious but very crucial rule. Effort is welcome in everything, but if you can’t get good pics — don’t despair. Today, you can correct a lot thanks to photo and video editors.

If an unwanted distraction has entered the frame of your travel video and you want to correct it or add some kind of effect, you won’t have to reshoot everything. It’s enough to master a simple video editor and learn how to blur a video. IT pays to familiarise yourself with a range of editing software allowing you to make your moments even brighter.

➔    Avoid camera shake

Some photography experts call the lack of sharpness one of the main reasons for the poor quality of images. Blurry and unsharp pictures are considered second rate, which is noticeable not only to a professional but also to most amateurs. These photos fail to convey the beauty and depth of the real picture. Make sure any vibration compensation or image stabilisation functions are switched on. Try also to use a tripod or monopod. It’s better to turn off the VR / IS mode, as it may reduce sharpness. Finally be aware of the wind when using a tripod that causes the structure to sway – easily overlooked!

➔    Capture the light

It’s so important to consider where the sun is in any photo and whether your subject is illuminated or in the shadows. See where shadows fall and decide which side is best to take a pic. Take some time to find a place with more light. If there is little light consider coming back to shoot at another time of day.

➔    Control your ISO

Check your camera’s ISO regularly. Many cameras suppress noise at high ISO settings, so fine details are not sharp or totally blurred. It’s not recommended to shoot at high ISO in daylight. If the noise reduction function degrades the sharpness of photos, then it can be turned off.

➔    Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a well known technique used to ensure perfect composition. The rule of thirds divides the frame into three equal parts — horizontally and vertically — creating a rectangular grid. This method helps lead our gaze to the images subject thanks to the intersection of two of the four lines.

➔    Always take your camera with you

You’ll never get decent pictures if your camera is at home. It doesn’t matter what you carry — a DSLR or a smartphone with your favorite app – whatever it is make sure you have it ready to go wherever you are. Your camera should always be at hand, especially when you are going on life-changing trips!

What Camera Should You Buy?
  • Camera type. The first rule when picking a camera: forget all conventions on brands and models. You need to decide what type of camera is best for you (instant or compact cameras, mirrorless or DSLR cameras).
  • Camera matrix. Matrix parameters that you should pay attention to are camera size and the number of active pixels. The larger the matrix and its resolution, the higher the quality of the photographs.
  • Zoom. When buying a camera, take notice of the fact that the model you like has a built-in optical zoom, even if it’s small.
  • Light sensitivity. Light sensitivity is measured in ISO units. The camera’s ability to process light as it reaches the lens, is essential for shooting in low light or complete darkness.
  • Camera power. The camera power system (camera battery) and good battery life is key. Take time to research battery life times – obviously the long the better!

A camera is just a tool that turns into a magic wand in the hands of a talented photographer. How the world around you will look in the photo depends on you and your skills. To be able to make even the simplest inspiring vacation slideshow from your photos, you need practice and practice. So get out there and shoot some of the good stuff on this beautiful planet! Enjoy.

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