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Life-Changing Trips – 6 Destinations That Will Change You Forever

February 9, 2022

With the world slowing opening up after the impact of Covid it’s time to start ticking off those once in a life-time destinations. If we’ve learnt anything from the past couple of years it’s that we can’t take our freedom to travel for granted. Who knows what the future holds? Now is the time to grab the opportunity to travel with both hands and allow your next trip to touch your soul… While there are endless places that can impact on the way we see the world I’ve picked 6 of the best know, most desirable destinations guaranteed to change your life!

The Galapagos Islands

Few places offer the untouched natural, beauty offered by an escape to the Galapagos Islands. Known as the inspiration for Darwin’s Origin of Species the islands are home to an abundance of rare and protected wildlife. With a range of plant and animal life the Galapagos host an incredibly rich landscape that nature lovers will carry with them in their hearts. You can even opt to take Galapagos private charters to experience the islands from the ocean allowing you to best see wildlife in their natural territory. An absolute wildlife paradise.


Home to world’s highest peak, Nepal is best known as an adventure playground thanks to access to Mount Everest. But look a little closer and you’ll discover Nepal offers so much more including the bustling city of Katmandu with it’s eclectic mix of temples and bustling streets. Annapurna with it’s stunning hiking trails and breath-taking mountains. Chitwan National Park with it’s protected wildlife, forests and marshlands. Add great food and incredibly friendly locals and you have the perfect blend for a guaranteed life changing destination.


One of the most popular destinations in South America Peru has it all – culture, rainforests, mountains and beaches. Tick, tick tick! This place is destined to impact just make sure you give yourself enough to fit all the highlights in. There’s the incredible history of Machu Picchu – the great fortress 2400 m above the clouds. Lima – a city of contrasts will a throbbing nightlife. Tarapoto with it’s jungle and hidden waterfalls and Puno on the banks of Lake Titicaca. Magic.


Steeped in ancient history Egypt is not only a place to see some pristine examples of temples but also has some incredible beaches and diving opportunities on the Red Sea coastline. Start your trip in the Valley of the Kings before cruising up the Nile on a traditional Felucca boat. Head over to Dahab on the Sinai coast for some beach time before finishing up in Cairo. Of course you’ve got to be sure to check out the Great Pyramid of Giza, which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.


Japan is a one of a kind destination and hugely popular for adventurous travellers. This unique island has a rich culture boasting incredible food, quirky culture and historic temples and shrines. Visit Tokyo for a taste of futuristic city life. Or Yokohama for a more traditional experience of Japanese living. Then there’s Hokkaido in the north with hot springs and beautiful mountain culture.


Bali is known for its immense beauty, beaches and perfect waves. Get the most out of your trip by adding these hot destinations to your must visit list. Uluwatu Temple: an awesome place to watch the sunset or catch some more challenging waves. Jimbaran: a traditional fishing villages with beautiful beaches and great local food. Mount Batur: Sunrise hikes and hot spring spas. See, even if you don’t surf Bali will stay with you for a lifetime!

What a list! The world’s out there waiting for you to visit. Book those tickets. Take that trip. The memories will make it worthwhile.

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