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5 Must-See Places & Experiences When Visiting Portugal

July 21, 2022

Portugal is up there amongst Europe’s rising stars on the holiday market. As we begin to venture out into the world once again after a tumultuous couple of years, Portugal is expected to see a heavy tourist footfall this summer. If you’re one of these lucky adventurers heading out to this magnificent country, make sure you check out these five must-see experiences in Portugal.

1. Beautiful beaches

Portugal is famed for its stunning seascapes. Wherever you’re staying, you’re never too far from the coastline. One of the best spots for beach lovers is the Algarve. Located in the south of the country, this region contains some of the country’s best views, as well as a number of quaint little eateries and enticing attractions. Amongst these is Canico – the café secreted in the cliff face is a prime location to view the country’s breath-taking scenery.

2. Traditional architecture

Portugal is home to a number of iconic and historic landmarks. The National Palace of Pena displays stunning structure, unforgettable vibrance and surrounding nature hotspots. Reminiscent of something straight out of a Disney film visitors can enjoy guided tours to explore the incredible history behind the castle.

As well as these classic locations, it also has pockets of modernity which make for the perfect holiday home or permanent residence – take a look at Property Lisbon’s impressive portfolio and see what I mean! With stunning scenery on the beaches and in the city, there’s always that temptation to never leave.

3. Dolphins in the Algarve

The Algarve coast is also a great location for dolphin watching. These remarkable creatures love the region’s summery climate and clear waters. Wildlife lovers flocking to these parts hoping to catch a glimpse of these marvellous animals can take a boat trip out into the Mediterranean Sea to get up close and personal.

4. The trams in Lisbon

The city of Lisbon is praised for its transport links – it’s one of the main reasons the city is so popular with both businesses and commuters. Tourists also show a great affection for the city’s rail system with its quaint tram network making easy work of exploring the shops and eateries.

5 Tucking in to Pasteis de Nata

There is so much to enjoy on any menu in Portugal. With its coastal connections, diners can expect a wide variety of seafood, alongside fresh meats, cheese and wine. But Pasteis de Natas are not to be missed. This Portuguese favourite is a sweet treat consisting of pastry and custard, crumbly and creamy in equal measure.

If you’re planning a trip to the Algarve this summer, be sure to make the most of everything it has to offer – these are just a handful of fabulous experiences you’ll have the chance to share.

Have you been to Portugal? What are your favourite experiences in the city? Share them with us in the comments below..

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