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Sporty Support – The best of adidas Sports Bras

December 21, 2023

At the start of 2023 I was thrilled to be invited to join the adidas blogger community. As part of that venture I’ve been tasked with testing and reviewing a selection of their products (tough gig, I know!). I’ve already explored sustainable sports wear and active kit for cooler months so for my next post I thought I’d highlight two kit pieces that have made a huge difference to my active life. Sports bras. Get your sports bra wrong and it can be game over for your run, gym session or match. Over the years I’ve bought some utter clangers. Poor fitting, no support, painfully uncomfortable.. you know the score. Now I’ve found a style with adidas that fits and works for me I will always come back to this brand. It’s not worth the compromise. Here’s the lowdown on the two sports bras I have come to rely on.

Ultimate sports bra in Wild Pink £38.25 (reduced from £45)

Containing 60% of upcycled ocean plastic this bra is an absolute godsend in my eyes! I have been trying to find a decent sports bra for years. Each time I’ve invested I’ve been let down by poor support, poor fit and general lack of performance. It’s meant that I’ve been reverting to the same trusty sports bra I’ve been wearing for years – until now! 

Verdict: Awesome. Like I said before – an absolute godsend. This range of sports bras is sized in chest and cup sizes so you can buy knowing that it will fit you just as well as your favourite bra. The elastic chest strap is soft and wide so no digging in. The bra gives me excellent support without being too restrictive. The ultimate bra is made from water absorbent materials designed to wick moisture from your body so you can feel dry as you move.

TLRD Impact Training High-Support Bra (£45)

My second bra investment with adidias. The TLRD High Support bra is extremely comfortable with zero chafing or rubbing. The material is really soft against the skin whilst offering excellent support when engaging in high impact sport. Sizing for this product is in given as traditional bra cup and chest size rather than small, medium, large ensuring the fit is super accurate. Made from moisture absorbing Aeroready material drawing moisture way as you work out. Light, breathable, well-fitting and super soft.

Verdict: Dare I say this may even be an improvement on the Ultimate bra – largely because the material is so damn soft. It’s really wearable. I’ve always suffered with chaffing in the underboob area, this is the only sports bra I’ve never had a single incident of rubbing. Another improvement on the Ultimate is the plastic clasp on the straps – much better than the metal clasps which over time have been caught in the wash and are now misshapen. The TLRD High Support has a super simple plastic clasp which is much easier to use whilst offering improved durability.

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