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adidas Kit Review: Active Kit for Cooler Months

June 25, 2023

Those of you who follow my posts will be aware that I’ve become a big fan of adidas. In the past I’d always questioned the appeal of big brands, but as my passion for running has grown I’ve found adidas a valuable and reliable source for kit. Earlier this year I shared a review of a selection of sustainable running gear all of which I’ve worn religiously since receiving them. In this review I’m looking at running kit for the colder months – when you need coverage that keeps you warm but is also breathable. I try to run year round and I know if I’m going on in temps of lower than 10 degrees I need leggings. If it’s lower than 6 degrees I need long sleeves, ideally with a neck zip that I can hoik down once I start sweating. I chose the following items for these exact reasons/ Here’s how I got on…

adidas FastImpact Running 7/8 Leggings – £31.50 reduced from £63

These leggings are really light weight and stretchy. They fit well faring well through heavy movement and lunges. I would say they are actually thinner than some of my other running leggings so I’ve been wearing them in late spring rather than mid winter. The colour is slightly lighter than I was expecting – very much magic lime rather than the khaki green I was anticipating. They have all the essentials such as deep pockets for phone and a zip pocket for keys plus they’re made from 40% of recycled materials.

Summary – light weight, great for spring / autumn workouts, breathable.

adidas Sports Club 1/4 Zip long sleeve T-shirt – £31.95 (reduced from £45)

I love this top! It’s so comfortable I wear it for runs, hikes and cosy evenings. In terms of running I wear it in the colder months with just a sports bra underneath. When I get warm I unzip the 1/4 zip as low as it will go and push the sleeves up. It works brilliantly. Plus, once I start cooling down again it’s insulated enough to keep my temp from dropping significantly.

I also wear this top a lot on hikes – again where I need to keep warm whilst getting sweaty at points. I layer the top with a breathable vest underneath and at least one water proof layer on top. Last of all it’s made with 90% recycled polyester – what’s not to love!

Summary – versatile, breathable, great for cooler months, super comfy.

adidas Hoops 3.0 Mid Classic Shoes – £42 (reduced from £60)

Okay, you got me.. these aren’t running gear. I chose these trainers purely for fashion purposes, and ain’t they cute? I’ve always gone for Vans high tops in the past but wanted something a bit sturdier. These are great. The first wear left my feet a bit sore (I’ve got very awkward shaped feet with bunions) but after that they adapted to my shape well. They have a soft, sock type lining at the top which prevents rubbing and despite their size they’re fairly light weight. They’ve become my staple weekend wear along with my boyfriend jeans and a hoody.

Summary – Soft lining to prevent rubbing, light weight, range of colours and styles.

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