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Review: Modibodi Recycled Active Leggings

March 23, 2022

Period wear has certainly changed a lot in recent years. Brands such as Modibodi, Mooncup and Bambaw are all at the forefront of this trend with a shift in focus from the throwaway to more sustainable products. I’m probably a bit late to the party having only made the swap in the last two years. I’ve been amazed at how much waste and plastic I’ve been able to save through only a few simple changes to my monthly cycle. If you’re yet to bin the disposables I urge you to go for it! I’ve found that not only have I reduced waste but I’ve also saved money and discovered products that I cope better with my flow leaving me feeling more comfortable.

I was recently approached by Modibodi who were sharing news about their new Active Leggings. Running is one of the areas I continue to struggle with in terms of protection, so I was keen to give these protective leggings a go. Fast forward a few weeks and I feel ready to feed back having run in the leggings both during and after my period.

Who are Modibodi?

Modibodi was established in 2011 when founder, Kristy started suffering bladder leaks after childbirth. Kristy came up with her patented Modifier Technology™ leak proof underwear which eventually became Modibodi. The range now includes a wide collection of sustainable and reusable tops, vests, swimwear and underwear designed for long term use.

7/8 Recycled Active Leggings

The Modibodi Recycled Active Leggings take protection that step further for when you’re working out or on longs runs. The leggings feature a ‘floating absorbent gusset’ designed to be invisible from the outside while providing reliable protection for the wearer. With sustainability always at the heart of Modibodi the active leggings are plastic-friendly, moisture wicking recycled fabric.

My thoughts

When I heard about these legging they really appealed because every month, when I run my hygiene products let me down. It means I have to limit my distance for a few days and it’s a real pain. I wore the active leggings during my last period and I can honestly say they surpassed expectations. I felt secure and comfortable while running and they gave me a confidence boost that I wouldn’t be caught short on the home straight. Such a relief!

Size and Fit

In terms of fit the leggings are tight but stretchy. I wore a size 12 / M, which is my usual size but I think a size 14 might have suited me a bit better. The general fit is secure and snug but I found that this meant the wait band rolled down a little as I ran. I think a slightly bigger size would have rectified this.


I’d recommend the Modibodi Active Leggings to anyone who has ever put off exercise due to a fear of leakages or poor protection (I imagine that’s a lot of us). At £55 the leggings are moderately priced but a worthy investment in my opinion. I find that I am choosing to wear the leggings as much as possible throughout my period as I just love the security they give me, even when I’m not running. Practical, reliable and sustainable to boost. I only wish this product had been around when I was younger!

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Modibodi leggings for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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