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adidas Supernova: The Ultimate Running Shoe?

March 15, 2024

Any runner knows the value of a good pair of running shoes. If you’ve been invested in this sport for a few years you’ll have gone through the cycle of trying a range of running shoes at various prices and performance levels. It’s a necessary process, but once a runner finds a shoe that works for them there is no going back. Over my running journey, which now spans a full four years, I have found adidas trainers are a winner every time.

My story

When investing in my third pair of running shoes I decided I needed to invest a it more money in a shoe that offers support to my collapsed arches whilst still feeling light and stretchy. I have a large bunion (I know…nice!) on my left foot which really hurts in leather or in similar hard materials. I need a shoe with an upper that will mould to my funny shaped feet without rubbing or causing additional stress. It was at this point I came across the Supernova range from adidas.


I’ve been running in the Supernova’s for over a year now and I’m loving them. I’ve added an insole to support my arches which has created a more custom fit. The engineered mesh upper material has accommodated my wide feet without any rubbing or blisters. I’ve had a couple of episodes where my toes have gone slightly numb on longer runs this eased as the shoes mould to my shape. The Boost mid-sole system gives a lift that supports momentum and speed. They’re light weight, springy and incredibly easy to wear. After 4 years of running I’ve not reverted back to my old shoes and that’s a massive win in my eyes. Super-nova’s indeed!


As ever, I’m always keen to promote sustainable products where I can. I’m thrilled that the Supernova range are constructed from recycled Primegreen materials as a practical alternative to polyester.


The supernova range have been created with practicality in mind. The technical upper materials are water repellent and breathable meaning they work just as hard through wet winters and warm summer months. They embrace a sweat-wicking technology that keeps your feet sweat free year round letting your focus on the road ahead.

The range

There’s a wide range of colours and styles to suit every running kit! The Supernova range offers a separate men’s and women’s fit to suit our slightly differently shaped feet. There’s also a choice of Rise, Stride or GTX to support your specific running needs whether it’s needing that little boost or running off road. Something for everyone here!

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