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Camping made Comfy with Wigwam® Holidays at Wolferlow Wigwams®, Worcestershire

November 6, 2018

Sleeps: up to 5 people

Price: Big Chief Wigwam® Cabin from £48 / night for 2 adults (children over 2 charged at an additional £8 / night)

Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin from £70 / night for 2 adults (children over 2 charged at an additional £8 / night)

Location: Upper Sapey, Worcestershire

Wigwam® Holidays caught on to the concept of glamping before it was even a ‘thing’. Born from a desire to create sustainable lodges from locally felled timber, the first Wigwam® Cabin was designed and created by owner Charles Gulland over twenty years ago. Identifying an interest in the trend for a simplified camping experience, Charles went on to design his own ‘camping pod’ leading to the creation of Wigwam® Holidays.

Having launched in 2000 they have been offering affordable, stress free, back to nature holidays for the past 18 years. They now have sites in 80 locations right across the UK offering guests rustic rural escapes, luxury hot tub getaways or a blend of both.

I first came across Wigwam® Holidays earlier this year when I read a review of the Wigwam® Holidays Millside site written by fellow travel blogger Zena Goldman of Zena’s Suitcase. We’re already big fans of family adventures which embrace the outdoors so as I read Zena’s review sharing her experience of good value, family fun in a rural location with quality accommodation Wigwam® Holidays seemed to be ticking all the right boxes.

A few months later I visited the Glamping Show in Warwickshire and was thrilled to see that Wigwam® Holidays were exhibiting. During the show I was shown around one of their luxurious Running Water Deluxe Wigwam®  Cabins and met some of their dynamic team. This eventually led to an invitation to stay at one of their sites over the October half term holiday…of course I jumped at the chance to try out a Wigwam® Holiday experience first hand!

Wolferlow Wigwams® are based on Cockshutts Farm in Worcestershire, surrounded by countryside and views stretching across the Welsh Border Counties of Shropshire and Hereford. The site is as about as rural as it gets….approaching down a winding single track lane brings a sense of escapism and leaving the the world behind.

As we arrive on site we are greeted by a fleet of 6 handsome Big Chief Wigwam® Cabins perched at the top of the site’s main field. The Wigwam® Cabins are well spaced yet close enough to feel like a small community. Curved around a central fire pit and a series of picnic benches the layout invites social interaction between Wigwamers. Tucked away further down a quiet gravel drive is a single Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin (I’ll explain the difference between these types of Wigwam® Cabins further on!) looking out towards the adjacent fields. This really is getting away from it all. There is no WiFi and barely any phone reception…I loved indulging in a total digital detox during our stay completely switching off from everyday stresses.


During our two night stay at Wolferlow Wigwams® we stayed in two different types of Wigwam® Cabin; the Big Chief Wigwam® Cabin and the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam®:

Big Chief Wigwam® Cabin

The Big Chief Wigwam® Cabin is one of 6 Wigwam® Cabins in the shared camping field. Each cabin offers sleeping for up to 5 people on a system of comfy platforms which easily convert from seating to bedding. We also had a small fridge, kettle, heater, electric sockets and lighting.

As a party of 3 we found the Big Chief Wigwam® Cabin really spacious. You need to provide your own linen so we took sleeping bags and pillows which kept us toasty warm despite the cold Autumnal nights.

The electric sockets meant that we could break up the long, dark evenings by snuggling up to watch a movie on the iPad before bed. My morning coffee was made at the flick of a switch with cold milk straight from the fridge rather than having to head to the communal kitchen or stoke up the fire. It was all simple, straightforward and extremely stress-free.

Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin

The Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin is a luxurious cabin which comes complete with its own kitchen area and en suite bathroom with shower. Again we enjoyed all the perks of heating, electricity and light…with the added benefit of cooking, dining and washing facilities. The Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin really has everything you could possibly need for a very comfortable short break whilst still allowing you to feel as though you are ‘camping’ and close to nature.

The Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin can sleep a family of up to 5…again as a party of 3 we found it spacious and very comfortable. There is a large double bed adjacent to the en suite with a small window tucked behind filling the cabin with light. Additional sleeping is created on the seating area near the entrance of the cabin. You need to bring your own bedding but once again we found a sleeping bag more than enough to keep us warm thanks to the effectiveness of the electric heaters.

The en suite has a toilet, hand basin, shower and heated towel rail. It was great not to have to escort the children to the communal facilities in the dark several times each night…just adding a sense of ease to the experience.

The small kitchen has a microwave, fridge, kettle, two hobs and plenty of utensils. Of course, you can still cook outdoors but it gives an added simple option which works particularly well on wet weather days and first thing in the morning. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin…the perfect balance of the great outdoors and creature comforts!

Outdoor spaces

Both of the cabins came with a fire pit and outdoor seating. The outdoor space was the main focus of our early evening antics. Wolferlow provided us with plenty of logs, kindling and fire starters to ensure we could easily start our own camp fire. The fire pits are set up with grills should you wish to use them to cook….or you can just sit back and enjoy the warm glow as you toast your marshmallows as the sun goes down.

The site offers great, wide open spaces for children to safely explore. Due to the location there’s no need to worry about traffic meaning us adults can relax that little bit more. We stayed during a quiet time of year but despite this the children made friends with the (only!) other guests. I can imagine during peak times the site is a wonderfully social place for both children and adults.

Site facilities

Wolferlow has a communal kitchen with large dining area a short distance from the Big Chief Wigwam® Cabins. The kitchen is well equipped with cooking utensils offering a clean and practical space to both prepare and eat meals. There’s also separate male and female washroom facilities where Wigwamers can enjoy hot showers and get ready in a spacious dressing area.


We loved our stay at Wolferlow Wigwams®. One of the main appeals of the place is the sheer sense of escapism it offers. I found I engaged with my children more than usual because I didn’t have the distraction of my phone…a true digital detox. As comfortable as the Big Chief Wigwam® Cabin was, I REALLY enjoyed the convenience of the luxurious Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin…I’d rather pay a little more and have my own facilities…especially when travelling with children. Wolferlow offers a laid back, family experience with a warm welcome and cosy accommodation in beautiful surroundings. The perfect choice for families who like to explore off the beaten track in beautiful locations without compromising on comfort.

Disclosure: We received a complementary two night stay at Wolferlow Wigwams® the review reflects our genuine positive experience of staying with Wigwam® Holidays. 

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