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Celebrate your inner Skandi in a Sussex Sauna this Autumn

October 27, 2023

Over the past couple of years pop up saunas have been, well, popping up all over Sussex. From beach side bathing spots to woodland spas these Skandi inspired delights offer a wholesome alternative for catching up with friends, taking time out or just making yourself feel good. Most set ups come with an option for a cold dip either in the sea, plunge pool or ice bath. Making time for a sauna is the perfect way to slow down, take a breath and do something that makes you feel better inside and out. Here’s just a taster of what’s out there..

Beach Box Sauna – Brighton Beach

Beach Box is a sauna experience which includes three traditional wood fuelled saunas right on Brighton beach. The larger of the saunas has been cleverly up-cycled from packing crates with another being converted from a horse trailer. Having been approved by the Swedish Sauna Academy, Beach Box offers a traditional sauna experience complete with plunge pool, leaf whisking, treatments, fire pit and the option to have a refreshing dip in the sea.

The Nomadic Sauna – Shoreham & Seaford

Nomadic Sauna is a traditional wood fired sauna based right next to the sea on Kingston Beach in Shoreham and Seaford Beach. The sauna is on wheels so moves between venues meaning that on Wednesday they are based in Seaford and Thursday to Sunday in Shoreham. These guys keep it very simple with community or private sauna options followed by a refreshing dip in the sea. Nothing better!

The Wild Spa at Wowo – Sheffield Park, Near Uckfield

Tucked within the magical setting of Wowo campsite is our very own, local wild spa. The Wild Spa at Wowo is open to day guests as well as campers offering a total escape from everyday stresses. They have a choice of two hot rooms – a Nordic style sauna trailer for an intense steam; and a relaxed steamy greenhouse with a forest view. There’s also a selection of cool down options including a huge cold plunge and fresh water shower. The Wild Spa is currently closed for the winter but will be opening again in March for the 2024 season.

Saunadelic – Hove Lagoon

The newest arrival on the local sauna scene. Saunadelic opened at the start of October and is already proving to be very popular. Located right next to Hove Lagoon you can easily combine a visit to Saunadelic with a water sports session or simply get sweaty and feel your cares melt away. Their brand new thermos-aspen lined sauna offers seating on two levels heated by a wood fuelled Narvi stove. Guests then have a choice of cooling off in their cold plunge pool, the lagoon or even the sea. Spoilt for choice!

And those I’m yet to visit…

Samphire Sauna on Hastings Pier

Fire, Salt & Sea on Worthing Beach

Kindred Sauna across the South Downs

Know of any other Sussex Saunas or want to be featured in a review? Please get in touch

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