October 1, 2016

I’ve already briefly mentioned  Kidtropolis in my Halloween Events Round Up post…but I’m really excited about this new event and wanted to do a more detailed post on all the event’s going’s on because there is just SO much packed into this one event!

Kidtropolis is a family fun event with all the biggest names in games, toys, YouTube  and computer games. Taking place under one roof at London ExCeL this is the first year the event has been held in the UK. Kidtropolis is conveniently being held throughout half term providing the perfect, all weather day out that both you and the kids will enjoy.

So what exactly is there to see? Where do I begin?


  • The My Little Pony Friendship Bus: meet Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle and enter the world of Equestria
  • Join Optimus Prime and Bumblebee on the Transformer Truck
  • Witness Guniness World Records Live
  • Enter the Nerf Vault and challenge chums to fire power fun
  • Try free running with Parkour Generations
  • Conquer the castle with Playmobil
  • Battle with MekaMon the incredible gaming robot
  • Master the Boot Camp Challenge inflatable assault course
  • Boing about on Spring free Trampolines
  • Ride the UK’s highest inflatable Helter Skelter

Broadcasting to the Nation

  • YouTubers in action
  • Toys AndMe will reveal the Toy Testers TV Top 20 toys
  • Ethan Gamer TV
  • Fun kids radio broadcasting live
  • Award winning newspaper First News

Live Entertainment 

  • E-Bop-TV and the Bopniks
  • Zeamu music
  • Billy Bird and his buddies in the reading corner
  • DJ Marc Jb with his Remix the Room
  • Balloon twisting, magic and puppetry with Captain Calamity
  • 40 player Minecraft Hub


  • PlayDoh workshop
  • Write and illustrate your own magical stories with Night Zookeeper
  • Bring imagination to life with Jumping Clay
  • Share your arts kills with PopJam
  • Printing workshops with kidesign
  • Magnetic creations with Geomag
  • Learn code with Sam Labs


  • Virtual reality
  • WOW Toys Play Zone
  • Tiny People Teepees
  • Surf safety with Azoomee
  • BigJigs Rail
  • Bop-It
  • Angry Birds
  • Scalextric
  • Paw Patrol

The event takes place on Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th of October. Tickets are sold online at £13.50 where you will be able to chose either a morning or afternoon 4 hour slot (9:30-13:30 or 14:00-18:00).

We’re booked in to the afternoon session on Tuesday 25th….drop me a line if you’re going on the same day!

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