Blade & Rose Leggings 

October 4, 2016

As Halloween approaches I’m looking forward to dressing myself and the kids in all shades of spookiness….I’m reluctant to subject my youngest to some of the scarier costumes, so was thrilled to come across the gorgeous Blade & Rose spooktacular collection of leggings for babies and toddlers.
I tried two pairs of these too cute to be scary leggings in size 1-2 years: The Crazy Cat leggings and the Patty Pumpkin leggings. The leggings came pressed and wrapped in clear plastic. On first touch the leggings are strikingly soft, stretchy but thick and durable. The material is bright and designs bold and eye catching.

Blade & Rose Crazy Cat Leggings

On dressing my son….a very wriggly 13 month old…I found the leggings easy to put on due to them being so stretchy. This is great as I literally have seconds to dress my child before he escapes. The leggings reach well over the top of a nappy with a sturdy and secure waist band. My son wore the leggings happily for long periods and they never travelled down or became loose. The fit is very good.

Blade & Rose Patty Pumpkin Leggings

The best feature about these leggings though, are the fun designs. Each pair of leggings has a feature focused on the baby / toddler’s bottom. Apparently this idea was originally thought up when the company’s founder got tired of constantly pulling her baby daughter’s dress over her tights…baby’s waddling bottoms are adorable, so why not make them the feature rather than covering them up!? Well, it works. Each time my son wears a pair of these leggings I’m can guarantee members of the adoring public will coo and comment. Blade & Rose have come up with a range of seasonal and fun designs that allow babies and toddlers to join in with festivities without pushing the boundaries of taste. I love these leggings and would have them in every design if I could afford it!
Both pairs of leggings that I have reviewed are RRP £10. I think this is a very good price. The product is unique, well made and durable….and to top it off British made! I’d recommend Blade & Rose to any mother of a baby or toddler. Cute. Fun. Affordable.

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