Blade & Rose bodysuit

May 26, 2016

Blade and Rose
Bodysuit (Blue Star) £12.95 age 6-9 months

From the moment I opened this item I liked it. The garment came pressed in tissue paper and came across as a luxury item.
The Blue Star bodysuit is pale blue with red stars and red trimming. The fabric feels silky, stretchy and good quality. The design is bright and on trend. The red trimming gives the garment a high end feel. I also really like the ‘Blade and Rose’ logo on the back of the suit.

My little boy is a strapping 6 month old (I would say larger than average for his age). The stretchy fabric allowed to suit to fit him securely and snuggly. My boy filled the 6-9 month old size suit but due to the elasticity of the fabric I would expect him to get at least another month – 6 weeks wear.

The body suit’s over all fit was really good. The sleeves are long enough to cover wrists; the press studs sturdy and secure and the neck line fitted snuggly rather than gaping.

I was really impressed with this item. I would buy it as a gift for a friend’s baby or for a special occasion. I see it as high end baby clothing. At £12.95 I think the price is reasonable value for such a good quality product. I’d definitely recommend this to a friend… and would be thrilled if they chose to buy something for my little lad!!

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