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Tips for leaving your home safe and secure when travelling

December 8, 2022

How do you make sure your home is safe when you travel? Whether it’s two weeks in Italy or two months in Australia it’s worth having a checklist of jobs to work through ahead of heading to the airport especially when you’re going to be away for an extended period of time. Here are some of the top tips you should consider before jetting off:


Arriving back from a holiday or business trip to a messy house can be soul destroying. When you’ve been on the road all day you’ll be dreaming of a warm bath, tidy home and clean sheets. Allow time to get organised before setting off so your home is a haven on your return. Pay particular attention to emptying the bins, clearing out the fridge and emptying the dishwasher or else you’ll be coming home to a rather stinky house!

If you travel often and find yourself packing and repacking frequently, make sure your house is equipped for this with adequate storage for all your travel essentials so they can be accessed easily whenever you need them. Whilst organising, make sure to unplug any devices that don’t need to be plugged in. Don’t forget to ask a neighbour if they’d be willing to take your bins out whilst you’re away!

Protect Livestock

To ensure the safety and security of your home while travelling, consider the benefits of using poultry netting. Installing poultry netting around vulnerable areas such as gardens or outdoor storage can deter unwanted animals and potential intruders. This sturdy netting is a physical barrier, preventing access and safeguarding your property. Poultry netting protects valuable plants from wildlife damage or securing outdoor equipment. Its durability and versatility make it a practical and cost-efficient solution for maintaining the security of your home while you’re away. Prioritise peace of mind incorporating poultry netting into your home security measures.


Before embarking on a trip, ensure all doors and windows are securely locked. It includes any ground-floor windows and any windows easily accessible from the outside. Unplug appliances not in use, such as televisions, computers, and kitchen appliances. It saves energy while also protecting your electronics from power spikes. Keep valuables like jewels and vital documents in a safe or secured cabinet. Invest in locksmith tools such as lock picks, tension wrenches, and plug spinners to improve your home’s security and prepare for lock-related concerns. You’ll be able to maintain and increase the security of your home’s locks with this equipment, and you’ll be better prepared for unexpected lockouts or burglaries.


It goes without saying that before going away for any length of time, you should make sure that your house is secure. Home security is a personal preference but should always be a top priority for anyone leaving their home unattended for a length of time. It’s worth investing in some level of security (dependent on where you live) ranging from a burglar alarm to surveillance cameras or additional locks.

Some home owners like to rely on smart technology to keep tabs on the goings on at home whilst away. Lights and radios can be set to timers to create the illusion that people are still at home, or you can connect a camera to your door bell to spy on who’s visiting even when you’re sipping cocktail’s by the pool.

If you’ve got a friendly neighbour, why not leave a spare set of keys with them so they can make regular check-ups to make sure everything is okay? Lastly, test all your smoke alarms so you can rest easy that should the worst happen the emergency services can be made aware.


If you might have any deliveries rocking up whilst you’re away, make sure you have registered a safe space or alternative address with your couriers so that parcels aren’t left outside or lost. If you arrange regular online shops don’t forget to pause, or cancel these before you go to avoid waste.


Whilst getting everything ready for a long trip it can be easy to forget about your plants. Make sure to give all your house plants a good water before you leave, and consider putting other measures in place to keep them alive and thriving.

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