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Tips for Travelling On the Road with Children

July 20, 2023

3 Tips for Travelling on the Road with a Young Family

Choosing to up sticks and live a nomadic lifestyle is a dream for many people, but bringing a young family in tow often presents a new kind of challenge, even with all of its rewarding benefits. Whether you’re looking to travel for business, pleasure, or education, here are three tips to help you succeed on your journey with minimal impact to your family’s day to day life.

1. Ensure You Have a Good Stock of Spare Parts

If you’re travelling in a motorhome, having a good stock of spare parts is essential in the event of a breakdown. Ordering from companies like Accu who supply precision components can make your life easier when it comes to getting your ducks in a row for your travelling experience. Having a good supply of high quality washers, nuts, bolts and other components will help you get back on the road in no time.

2. Make a Plan

Although the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition, having a plan for your journey can have a number of advantages. Not only can it help you stay on budget for expenditures like fuel, it can help you to additionally plan for food stops and toilet breaks. To do this you may also want to stock up on an array of maps of the areas you are travelling to and through, so that in the event of your digital devices failing, you will be able to find your way to your next destination without a catastrophe. Ordnance Survey maps are a good resource to have handy in your personal luggage – they are available in different formats depending on your needs as a family, and can also highlight important topographic features if you’re in the mood for some outdoor exploration.

3. Keep a Routine

If you’re travelling with a young family, be conscious that young children in particular thrive with a consistent routine. Although your location may change as you travel, ensuring that children eat and sleep at regular times will help to manage any potential behaviour problems. It will also help them to feel safe and secure despite their immediate surroundings changing regularly. You may also want to consider planning some down time for your children during your travels, whether that’s exercise, play, or exploration.

Travelling for extended periods of time can be tedious for many children of a young age, so packing plenty of toys and games to keep them occupied can be very beneficial. If you’re likely to be travelling on bumpy back roads, travel games with magnetic pieces from retailers like Argos can be very helpful for surviving bumpy potholes!

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