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5 safety features to look out for when buying a family car in 2023

December 8, 2022

There is a truly head-spinning amount of choice when it comes to purchasing a family car nowadays. Manufacturers often offer multiple models to parents in need of a safe and reliable vehicle to ferry their children to school, nursery, sports clubs, parties and every else in between. The majority of used cars on the market will include long-standing features such as airbags and ABS brakes. Whether you’re buying second-hand or looking for a brand-new vehicle in the coming months, here are five safety features that will help keep you and your loved ones safer on the roads.

ADAS Sensors

ADAS sensors help power a large number of safety features in modern cars – the more sensors your car is fitted with, the more autonomous uses it will have. The functions that ADAS Sensors power include parking sensors, lane-departure assist, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, road sign detection and pedestrian recognition. Many manufacturers will offer packages of these systems to add to cars, while others typically come as standard on models – such as rear parking assist and collision warning.

Parking camera

Parking sensors give you a better idea of where your car is in relation to objects around you whilst maneuvering a space, however, a parking camera can add an extra layer of assistance. Some sensors might not be able to detect narrow bollards or bushes that could damage your car, so a camera helps you to keep an eye on things looming behind.


For younger children that need car seats to ride comfortably in your car, Isofix systems offer greater security and efficiency. By fixing the seat into a car, and not relying on the car’s seatbelt for security, there is less chance of your child’s seat moving around and potentially putting them in danger.

Brake Assist

Brake assist can help you if you need to perform an emergency stop to avoid a collision, potentially protecting both you and those around you. As you stamp on the brake pedal, computer systems can apply the full force of the braking system to a greater level much more quickly than a human is capable of.

Crash Alert System

If your car has internet and Bluetooth connectivity, it may well contain a crash alert system, should the worst unfortunately happen. Many of these systems can detect if the car has been involved in an incident and will ask you if you want to contact the emergency services. Some modern systems will also make the call if you don’t respond – in the instance that you are incapacitated – and can provide information as to where you are located.

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