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Mexico’s Top 10 Beautiful Beach Destinations

July 4, 2019

[AD] It’s no great secret that Mexico hosts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. On the contrary, Mexico is certainly a sought after destination for affluent travellers seeking a unique and luxurious destination. The beaches in provide everything a tourist could wish for with marine panoramas combining white, fine sand with crystal clear waters to create a dreamlike natural environment.

Add incredibly warm and welcoming hospitality and the opportunity to visit Aztec and Mayan archaeological sites and you’re starting to get the picture. Mexico is a pretty special place. I’ve put together a list of some of the ‘must see‘ beaches adorning the coastline of Mexico. The only thing I ask is that you take me with you!

Playa Paraiso

The name gives it away..but this place might be as close to paradise as you can get on Planet Earth. Rich in palm trees and white sand, Playa Paraiso is located in Tulum, a beautiful seaside location in on the Caribbean Coast. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and nearby Mayan ruins the beach boasts perfect views and scenery that will leave you breathless! A fantastic place to spend a few nights if you are wondering where to sleep in Mexico near the sea. You’ll find a wide range of hotels and accommodations that suit all tastes and budgets.

Playa Del Carmen

A short distance north along the coast from Playa Parisio you’ll find Playa del Carmen, also not far from the ruins of Tulum. Playa Del Carmen is especially know n for it’s night life and entertainment making it perfect for party people with its festive spirit.

If nightclubs aren’t your thing then the beach is still a place you can’t miss. The beach is without any doubt, one of the most beautiful in Mexico, vast and with a shallow and very clear. Not to be missed.

Playa El Cielo

Playa El Cielo lies on the island of Cozumel (Quintana Roo) just across the Carribbean Sea across from Playa Del Carmen. El Cielo offers all you could want as a beach lover: natural beauty, clean sea, palm trees and a fine, white beaches. All surrounded by the naturally, stunning backdrop of Mexico’s landscape.

Beaches of Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido will be at the top of the destination list for any surfers visiting the region. In fact, Playa Zicatela is the home of the Mexican Pipeline and International Surf Championship. The coast is rocky with hidden coves and the coast jagged with numerous bays. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet then Playa Carrizalillo might be more up your street. Located in the Puerto Escondido area and less well known than Playa Zicatela Playa Carrizalillo is remarkably beautiful with much calmer seas. It is definitely one of the beaches in Mexico to visit!

Beaches of Puerto Morelos

Not too touristy and with pretty, unspoiled beaches Puerto Morelos also offers some great diving locations thanks to it’s coral reefs. Another beautiful destination on the Caribbean Coast with more than just sandy beaches to offer.

Beach Akumel

A lively resort with more stunning coastline and beaches. Akumel offers fantastic nightlife and entertainment set against the pretty Caribbean Coast line. Beach Akumel also offers the unique opportunity to swim with the turtles that live in this area. Akumel is easily reached via Carmen del Playa by a 20 minute coletivo ride.

Beaches in Acapulco

One of the best known beaches in the world! Acapulco offers the perfect blend of nightlife with extraordinary landscapes. However it’s always possible to get away from the crowds and find somewhere more remote if that’s your thing. Try Puerto Marqués and Diamante.

Beaches of Holbox

Holbox is a small Caribbean island where there are no motor vehicles and incredible beaches and lagoons. It is not far from the Yucatan coast and can be reached in just 20 minutes by boat from Chiquila.

Isla Marietas

On Isla Marietas there’s this incredible secret beach that you won’t believe until you see it with your own eyes. The beach receives sunlight from a hole created on the ceiling of a huge cave by a bomb explosion. Utterly awesome.

Playa Del Amor

Playa Del Amor, in Cabo San Lucas, is considered the most romantic beach in Mexico. Here the waters of the Cortès Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet. Tradition has it that the wishes expressed in the cave of Playa del Amor always come true. You can easily reach it by sea from the marina of Cabo San Lucas.

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