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Inspiration for long haul family destinations in Asia – The Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka & Thailand

March 21, 2019

As the planet’s largest continent Asia offers endless variety for travellers of all ages and backgrounds. From serene beaches to dramatic landscapes and high-tech cities the continent is able to offer something for all tastes and interests. And of course…the abundance of rich heritage, culture and culinary delights make it the perfect destination for adventurous families looking to broaden horizons and indulge in novel experiences.

The Philippines

Known for its gorgeous beaches the Philippines is an increasingly popular family travel destination. Travellers find the country easy going, good value and extremely welcoming with most locals speaking good English.

The Philippines can offer a wide range of things to do with the family with opportunities to explore via city tours, or to travel to one of the islands. Boracay is a particularly stunning island famed for its scenic crystal blue water and pure white sand. The island attracts a wide range of visitors – party goers, solo travellers, backpackers, families and adventurers. It is a wonderful, touristy island famous for its beach party vibes, whilst also offering families the tranquility and seclusion of hotels and resorts tucked far away from the crowds.

Bohol, another island located in the heart of the Visayas region, is a magnet for nature loving tourists from all over the world. Recognised as one of the island jewels, its pristine beaches and quirky hangouts make it one of the Philippines ‘must-see’ destinations. Thanks to the island’s clear, warm waters and sheltered shores Bohol has become one of Asia’s top, luxury family destinations with the unique chance to get up close to the local wildlife including sea turtles and meeting Tarsiers – the smallest primates in the world!


Malaysia is one of the best long haul family destinations across the world, with beaches, wildlife, great food and plenty of child-friendly attractions. Despite the fact Malaysia is not one of the cheapest destinations in the world, it is still moderately priced when compared to most Western countries. Thanks to the country’s multi-cultural and diverse heritage families are able to experience exotic culture and customs offering a life changing learning experience rather than just a holiday.

One of the major appeals of Malaysia for families are the crowd-free and idyllic beaches. With the country being off the established tourist trail, they are the perfect option for a more relaxed family friendly holiday. Langkawi in particular offers plenty of activities for families and has a good range of both accommodation and food.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a magical island with a fantastic combination of beautiful coastline, low prices, friendly people and rich wealth of wildlife and cultural experiences. The island offers glorious sandy beaches which are safe and fun for the families with young children. The southern capital of the country – Galle is well known for the local market and its ancient fort making it the perfect cultural escape for families looking to head away from the beach for the day.

Another great day trip for families is Kandy Lake at a relatively cooler area of the hills. The lake is home to the unique Temple of the Tooth…your very own Indiana Jones experience! The kids can explore the surrounding area where they can spot exotic wildlife around the lake while you hang out in one of the tea shops.


Thailand has it all…lovable people, great weather, affordability and a well established tourist network. Head up north to Chiang Mai to experience true mountain culture and typical cuisine. The city takes pride in hosting some brilliant family experiences including zoos, boat trips, museums and butterfly parks. Plenty to keep all ages occupied.

Of course capital, Bangkok has plenty to offer as well..the bustling city is also home to snake farms, theme parks, tiger temple, museums and the list goes on. If beach is more your style check out Krabi, a serene beach destination and possibly the perfect way to relax with or without the family in tow! It is known to have some of the best beaches of Thailand.

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