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How to get the best deals on mobile calls and data roaming when travelling overseas

September 2, 2019

[AD] Thankfully, gone are the days when receiving or making phone calls from overseas would nearly always lead to astronomical charges. Most phone companies now include free roaming in their packages, especially if you’re travelling within Europe. However there are a number of hidden costs frequent travellers should be aware of. Here are a few helpful hints to help you make the most of your mobile whilst travelling…

1. Check that your travel destination is covered

For now (whilst we are still part of the EU!) you are entitled to use your UK data and calls package in any of the 31 EU states. Some networks offer wider coverage than this so it’s always worth checking which countries are covered by your package before travelling.

2. Manage your roaming

Whilst you are entitled to use your standard data allowance across the EU, you may be charged a higher rate should you exceed this. Again, each network provider varies slightly but additional data charges can cost from £4-£10 per additional GB. It may be worth getting into the habit of turning off your roaming facility when you’re out and about to save data.

3. Research the best international deals

Most networks offer some kind of ‘best value’ travel package making phone use outside of Europe more affordable. One of the best packages on offer is Three’s ‘Go Roam’ deal which allows roam free coverage in 71 countries – this particular offer even includes an upgrade with EasyJet! Perfect for regular jet setters!

4. Consider switching to a SIM card

Despite not being the most straight-forward way to stay in touch, this is an option for travellers visiting destinations not covered by your UK network package from which calling is likely to incur significant charges. Like SIM only deals available here in the UK buying a local or international SIM card will require you to have your own, unlocked phone. You would then need to decide whether the best option would be a Pay As You Go local SIM (best for calls within that country) or a pre-paid global SIM (better for calls to your home nation).

It’s easy to assume that your phone charges will remain the same where ever you are in the world. With most European travel that can be the case, but it’s always worth checking the small print for piece of mind. Get it wrong and the penalties can be significant. Chat to your provider. Consider your options. Find the best deal for you and your destination.

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