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Great Reasons to Take the Family Dog on Holiday with You

February 16, 2019

It’s that time again! You are beginning to tire of the wet, cold weather and are ready for that holiday break, even though it is still months away. Perhaps even dreaming of that lovely cottage away from all the noise and confusion of the city is enough to set you in a better mood, but which country cottage will you book this year? Will you use the same kennel to board your family dog whilst on holiday or maybe this year you’ll bring him along? Actually, there is no reason not to bring the family dog along with you and here are some really great reasons why you should do just that.

That Fur Baby Is a Part of the Family

Once you’ve committed to a family dog you have made the commitment to bring your fur baby into the family fold. Most families don’t see that bundle of fur as a dog but rather as a valued and trusted member of the family. It’s always hard leaving Fido behind so why not bring your four-legged kid along with you this year? He is, after all, just another kid underfoot, so what’s one more?

No Need to Pay a Boarding Fee

Most families struggle all year to save up enough money to take an extended holiday away from home. Unfortunately, altogether too many families need to stay at home because they can’t afford travel costs, lodging, food, entertainment and boarding fees whilst away. If you take your dog along with you, there are no boarding fees necessary and you can now have that extra bit of cash to use on fun things to do and see.

Preparing Your Dog for Holiday WalksThe planning for your holiday might initially seem hectic, with all the location searching, accommodation booking, and packing. However, if you plan on bringing along your dog, there’s an addition to your checklist – your dog walking kit. This is vital equipment for walking a dog when you’re away. It can include a leash, a portable water bowl, poop bags, and possibly a few favourite toys. By having this necessary gear, you create a more comfortable and enjoyable holiday for both you and your pet. It allows you to take long walks in new environments, giving your dog a share of the holiday fun too.

Easy to Find Dog-Friendly Accommodation

There may have been a time when it was next to impossible to find dog-friendly accommodation but within the past couple of decades, that has changed significantly. With the rise in popularity of self-catering cottages, many property owners are now seeing the benefit of accepting dogs and other family pets. In fact, some of the lovely cottages listed on can even accommodate up to 9 dogs. On their website, they have over twenty-two thousand dog friendly cottages for you to choose from, so you’ll surely be able to find somewhere you’d love to stay with your pup! Can you imagine how much fun that would be? Travel might be a bit awkward, but your holiday will be the best ever now that you have all your ‘children’ with you.

Greater Opportunities for Exercise

Consider for just a moment how limited the opportunities for exercising with your dog truly are at home. If you live in a highly populated area, chances are your property is quite small. Some dogs need room to roam and romp and this is one of the other great reasons to bring your family dog along with you on holiday. Cottages can be found along the shore for families with dogs that love the water or they can be situated in a rural location with the nearest neighbour miles away! The only thing to beware of is if a neighbouring cottage has livestock of any kind. If you have a hunting dog, you might want to ensure they are fenced well away from the cattle.

Helping Your Dog Learn Socialisation Skills

Whenever you introduce your dog to new people and new settings, you further their socialisation skills. Dog trainers say that you should start introductions at a young age – the dog, not you! Let them grow up learning that there are lots of places away from home where they can be safe and unafraid. Did you know that one of the leading reasons a dog bites is because of fear? “I don’t know you so you must be bad.” The bite is usually just a warning, but dangerous nonetheless. Take them with you on holiday to increase their exposure to other people and the outside world.

Less Worry for You and the Kids

Then there is the fact that it’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’ve left one of the ‘kids’ at home. You will worry if your dog is being properly cared for and if it’s missing you as much as you are missing him. The kids will feel as though they’ve left a playmate behind and everyone feels sort of incomplete. Yes, there may be times when you simply can’t take your dog on holiday with you but when there are so many lovely holiday retreats for dogs, why not just solve the issue once and for all! You’ll worry less and enjoy yourselves that much more.

As you can see, there are several reasons to take the family dog along with you and the kids on holiday. It can save you money on boarding, free you from the worry of leaving a pet behind and give your dog valuable canine life lessons. This year check out dog-friendly accommodation so that everyone gets the holiday they deserve.

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