Getting the most out of a one day trip to Paris

September 19, 2019

You might think 24 hours in the world’s most romantic city isn’t enough time to fit everything in. Well think again. If you have just one day in Paris, you’ll need to fine-tune your itinerary and keep to a tight schedule if you want to fit in visits to all of the major tourist attractions, but it is possible. The key is in careful planning and picking the right monuments, museums, squares, and palaces to visit.

This is easier said than done as Paris, one of the most famous cities in Europe is brimming with iconic sights and choosing which ones to prioritise can be a tricky task! Do not fret because help is here. Read on for a step-by-step break down of how to fit the must-see sights into just 24 hours in Paris, and if that’s not enough there’s plenty more inspiration on Paris one day tours on  

Firstly, I’d recommended you get a Paris City Pass if you have just one day to explore. This pass can save time and money and allows faster access to the Louvre, Montparnasse Tower, the Seine cruise and even one-way ticket for the shuttle bus from or to the Charles de Gaulle airport. Once you’ve sorted getting around the city, here’s how I suggest you plan your itinerary:


• Get up early picking up breakfast on the go of delicious fresh croissants and coffee in a nearby café.

• Start your trip at around 9 a.m. with a visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral. Despite suffering from significant fire damage last year the cathedral remains one of the most recognisable in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for Quasimodo!

• After spending an hour at Notre-Dame, head for the Holy Chapel which is only half a km away. The Holy Chapel is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture and the perfect stop off en route to the Louvre.

• From the Holy Chapel, you can take public transport to the Louvre Museum which should take about 10 minutes. The Louvre Museum is the largest art museum in the world and boasts of the finest art collections including, of course the Mona Lisa.

• Break for lunch in one of the popular restaurants or cafes near the museum.


• From the Louvre Museum walk or take public transport to the Tuileries Gardens which are about 1km away. These beautiful gardens are an example of traditional French gardens with well-formed paths and fine rows of they offer a great escape from the hectic city.

• At 3pm start the walk to Place de la Concorde, which is just minutes away. This iconic landmark is the largest square in the French capital with lots going. Spend around an hour here heading to the Grand Palais on public transport around 4pm.

• The Grand Palais is a beautiful historical site with an incredible, prominent glass roof. It’s an example of a Belle Époque ornamentation as well as serving as a great museum with a giant exhibition hall.

• When you’ve spent enough time at the Grand Palais take a walk to Alexander Bridge which is about a couple of minutes away. The decorated bridge is adorned with horse statues, Art Nouveau lamps, and nymphs.

• At around 5pm head for the Eiffel Tower taking public transport from Alexander Bridge. Watch the sun go down at one of the world’s most iconic landmarks.


• Just a couple of minutes walk away from the Eiffel Tower you’ll find the River Cruise. It’s time to see Paris from a different perspective! Take an hour-long river cruise on the majestic Seine and rest your feet in the process. If you have the Paris Pass the cruise ticket will be included in your pass package.

• By the time you finish the cruise, it should be around 9 pm. Wind down the day with dinner at a famous restaurant, and if you still have some time and energy left, you can experience a taster of the Parisian nightlife. Maybe start with a blanche from the terraces of the Marais or sip a cocktail near the Ritz if you fancy doing it in style!

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