Bucket List Family Adventures

April 5, 2018

When you’re travelling with kids, it’s usually better to keep them busy and in constant state of wonder than it is to expect them to spend all of their time chilling on the beach, even if that’s really what you want to do, which is why you can’t really go wrong with a family adventure holiday.

Even if you don’t see yourself as a very adventurous family, I can guarantee that there will be at least one adventure holiday (it’s likely to be a lot more) that you really love. Just check out some of the ideas below for inspiration:

Camping in Kakadu National Park

Camping is a pretty sedate activity as far as adventure holidays go, but in general, kids love being out in the fresh air exploring nature, and you can spice things up a bit by staying in Kakadu National Park in Australia. This park is home to some pretty impressive wildlife, including kangaroos, crocodiles and so many pretty birds and lizards that you’ll never get bored of spotting them, and it offers a vast array of outdoor activities including kayaking, hiking and exploring the ancient Aboriginal art of the area. If you’ve never camped before, this camping store is a good place to see what you’ll need. However, it’s a good idea to pack as light as you can, so you’ll truly get engaged with the outdoors and enjoy it a whole lot more.

Go on Safari in Kruger Park

Most kids love animals, so it makes sense that going on safari will keep them happy and ensure that they get lots of time outdoors. It will also, of course., help to teach them a bit more about the natural world. Kruger Park in South Africa is the natural choice for this kind of thing because it’s home to some impressive wild game, as well as smaller animals that you and the kids can get up close to. While you’re there, you will have the opportunity to learn bushcraft and animal tracking skills, visit animal conservation centres and partake in watersports like snorkelling. It’ll be a lasting experience that none of you ever forget.

Have an Icelandic Adventure

If you’re looking for something a bit closer to home, which is just as exciting as the ideas above, you can’t go wrong with a touring holiday of Iceland, where you will hopefully all get to see the Northern Lights as you explore geysers, take a dip in thermal springs and ride horses through the snow. The kids will love the magical atmosphere that the country has, as well as the reindeers, and you’ll get to enjoy the romance of roaring fires and beautiful natural phenomena. It’s a win-win.

Be Amazed by a Mountain Trek in Morocco

If you really want to tire the kids out, buy the whole family some walking boots from this shop and then book a mountain trek trip through the Atlas mountains in Morocco, where your senses will be filled with exotic aromas like that of the sweet orange groves and beating sunlight, and where you will be able to stop at quaint villages to fish, sample exotic delights and meet interesting locals.

Which adventure holiday do you think your family would enjoy the most?


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