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Adventures for Solo Travellers

December 30, 2021

Sponsored Post – We live in a time when solo travel is just acceptable, but often desirable. In the age of technology, where communication is as close as your smartphone, alone doesn’t have to mean loneliness by any means.

Some things come easier when travelling alone

Some travellers say they have a more profound experience when traveling alone rather than in a group. Locals and fellow globe trotters tend to be keen to lend a hand when you travel as an individual. And of course there are many other benefits to the solo expat adventure. Travel for one can be better value than travelling as a group, meaning that any pennies saved can be splurged on higher end restaurants and hostels or hotels.

To ensure homesickness is kept at bay independent travellers can stay in touch with family and friends via email and messaging. Global communication now means that working remotely, banking, shopping and even keeping on top of medical appointments are easy to manage wherever you may be in the world.

Of course, it’s crucial to make time for some R & R during any time away including keeping on top of your weekly lotto game whilst you’re travelling. Mobile apps allowing you to play European lotteries in the UK at Lottoland allowing users to update their tickets virtually from their travels.

Read on for my recommendations for some of the best destinations for solo travellers..


Independent travellers are guaranteed a warm welcome in Paris. This beautiful and historical city is filled with bistros and cafes perfect for sitting on your own as you sip your espresso and take in the atmosphere. If you want to take the experience home, make sure to check Arne’s blog and learn about the espresso preparation.

A perfect way to meet locals and fellow travellers whilst in Paris is by taking part in a fab new experience called Franglish. This is a place that turns learning to speak the French and English languages better into a game. The room is set up like a speed dating room with people sitting at small tables made for two. The object is for English-speaking and French-speaking people to converse in the language they are learning. When the clock begins, you converse in French for 7-minutes, then for 7-minutes, you speak in English. After 14 minutes, you rotate to the next table and repeat the action with a new partner. This is a great way to have some laughs, learn something new, and meet new people on your journey.

Bali – Indonesia

Time spent alone in Bali offers the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your spiritual side. Enjoy yoga, embrace local the culture, visit the Bali spas and indulge in a massage. Plus, with Bali being so affordable you can dine out every night at the finest restaurants and eateries. If you’re looking for a tranquil place to stay I recommend the Family Guesthouse in Ubud which is located right next door to a money sanctuary and is surrounded by stunning gardens – the perfect tropical escape.

Seville – Spain

Ahhh Espana…..bullfighting, Flamenco dancers and beautiful historical architecture. If you fancy seeing another side to Spain then Seville is the perfect, alternative pitstop for the solo traveller. Here you’ll discover pretty cobblestone streets perfect for exploring, famous flea markets and an endless choice of tapas bars. If you’re wondering how to meet people while visiting this part of Andalusia tapas bars are the place to go – with crowds of people flocking for drinks and nibbles until late in the evening this is the perfect place to meet locals.

Dublin – Ireland

Dublin is known for its warm hospitality. Drop by an Irish Pub and have a pint or two and you’ll have a host of friends from all nationalities in no time! A top tip is to visit Guinness Storehouse to learn how they create their famous brew. Or why not enjoy a stay at Kilronan House which is in the ideal location for exploring a number of attractions including the King House – a beautiful mansion and former home of the King family, now open as a museum.

Vancouver – Canada

If you’re a lover of outdoor festivals and music then Vancouver is your perfect destination for 2022. Folks in Vancouver will rent you their sofa to spend the night with the city, embracing the trend of couch surfing welcoming visitors from around the globe into their own homes. To top it off Vancouver is surrounded by glorious Mountains making the location a hub for museums and art collections. You can also visit the places where some great movies were filmed like Star Trek, Deadpool and Deadpool 2, and the Fifty Shades of Grey Series.

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