8 Simple Camping Activities for Children 

July 17, 2017

Camping with children, especially toddlers and babies, can be a daunting experience. For most of us camping with children takes us out of our parental comfort zone and into the unknown. We’re stripped of the things that we might rely on at home day to day to entertain and occupy the minds of our offspring. Well fear not…children are incredibly skilled at making their own fun and adventures given the chance…and if you do get stuck for ideas, why not try some of these: 

Build a campfire

Kids love the excitement of building a fire. Under the watchful eye of a responsible adult allow the children to collect firewood and help stack it ready to ignite. 

Toasting Marshmallows

A must on any camping trip. You could even take it a step further and cook some delicious S’mores! 

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Send the children off on a mission to find a collection of natural items like a feather, a daisy and an acorn. 

Paddle in a stream

Get the wellies out and go for a walk in a stream. It’s amazing what you notice when you look at the environment from a different perspective! 

Climb trees

Embrace natures playground. Climb and swing from the branches …or make a den! 

Washing up

Encourage the children to help with the washing up..and if that fails let them use with the soapy water to clean their toys. 

Habitat hunt

Look for signs of wildlife. Can you find burrows, droppings, feathers or fur? 

Look up

See how many things you can spot in the trees or in the sky. Birds, planes, gliders…how many can you count? 

And the best thing is these activities all come free courtesy of Mother Nature! What else would you add? 

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