6 Reasons you should relocate to your favourite travel destination!

August 31, 2018

Have you ever stared out of a rain-covered window at the grey, murky skies and wished that you lived somewhere a bit brighter? I have. I’ve sat, and I’ve looked at the grey clouds and I’ve remembered that it is AUGUST and we should be having bright sunshine. It’s the summer, which by definition means that we should be experiencing sunshine, heat and a gentle breeze that carries the salty smell of the sea.

Unfortunately, this is England, which means that we get humidity and a lot of rain, but it does also mean that those daydreams of sun-soaked beaches and a commute in an airconditioned vehicle becomes very real and very common. You may book more than one trip a year to find that sunshine that you so crave, soaking up as much vitamin D as you can before you have to go home again. There’s another solution, though. Have you ever considered making your holiday destination of choice your only destination?

I know, I know, it’s a big idea that requires a huge leap of faith and you might not be very good at those. You’ll know if you are by how many plans you make that you actually follow through with. Relocating to another country isn’t like all those other trips that you planned that you might back out of. It’s a life-changing thing to do that doesn’t just change your perspective and your life, it’s going to change the lives of your children and even send a ripple effect to the family and friends that you leave behind. When life can change in a dramatic way, say from a lovely family home on the outskirts of London to a Punngol HDB in Singapore, that can be scary. It’s always far easier to stay under the miserably grey and murky skies you’re used to, than jump out of your comfort zone and into something entirely, well, uncomfortable.

We’re raised to be bold, to fly further than our parents did. We’re raised to think bigger than ourselves and build castles in the sky. To try new things, like heading out to the Himalayas to trek across the mountain range or take a year between college and uni and travel parts of the world that your family has never seen before. We’re taught all this, and yet, the familiar is often better for our emotions and our futures and so we stay. We stay, and we spend our days staring out of the windows and wishing we had the nerve to do all of the things we always thought that we’d do. the thoughts that crowd your mind never go beyond that and the dreams of living somewhere entirely other never really goes away. So, here are six reasons that you know the time has come to stop dreaming about those sandy beaches that are oh, so far away, and it’s time to take a big breath and head out there to experience something else.

The Craving For Adventure Hasn’t Gone Away.

Despite buying a house, getting married and having children, that niggling desire to pick a country and live in it hasn’t gone away. You still feel unfulfilled in your job and yet that fear of taking a risk is still holding you back. If you want to appreciate the here and now and you want to learn new things about the world and about yourself, then it’s time to go.

You Need To Find You.

The person you are can often get lost among the monotony of everyday life. It’s such a cliché to say that you need to find yourself, and yet it’s so correct. When you’re full of labels for other people – wife, mother, friend, daughter – you need to find the label that is your name and go and live it for a bit. Take six months in the country of your choice and assimilate to their way of living. You’ll know pretty quickly if it was the right thing to do.

You Have An Endless Curiosity.

The reason that most people need to relocate is the burning desire to know more about a culture, to meet more people that are different from those in their local area and see those sights that always look so impressive in the magazines. You need to go beyond the end of your nose, and that is a NEED, not a want.

You Want More.

A relocation is expensive, and you’ll be met with questions about why you want to go so far away from everything that you know. However, what if the opportunities in your job have reached a ceiling where you are and there is more to find abroad? What if there’s more money? What if there’s more fun and laughter? What if you stop asking “what if” and just be brave enough to KNOW the answers to your questions? There is nothing wrong with wanting more.

You Need To Prove You Can.

A lot of the time, people don’t move away from where they grew up because they don’t believe that they can do it. Instead of working abroad, why not choose to study? To experience life at a different pace than you’re used to can show you an entirely new way to live, one which you’ll never believe you could have had you stopped and stood still where you are.

You Know It’s Worth It.

The money, the waiting for visas, the hunting for a new job, the making new friends. It’s a scary list, but you know that there’s more to life than where you are. It’s a control you’ve always wanted to have over your own destiny and you WANT it.

The thing that you must always  remember about those sunny skies and sandy beaches and new friends to make? You may not get on well in another country. It may end up being the entirely wrong choice. But there’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: You can always come home again!

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