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5 Simple ways to keep cool in your van on your summer road trip

February 28, 2020

Sponsored post – No matter what your preferred means of travelling might be, hot summers on the road can be a challenge. Motor homes, camper-vans and even cars are not always designed with warm climates in mind. If you find your self living in your vehicle for weeks at a time it’s well worth considering investing in a few simple accessories to make your summer on the road more comfortable.

Sun Canopy

Lighter and more straight forward than an awning, a sun canopy is a must for summer road trips. Once you’re pitched for the night a canopy can offer protection from the sun whilst creating an additional outdoor living space.

Mini Fridge

If you want a keep your drinks cool and your perishables fresh you’ll need to invest in a mini-fridge. Look into the ranges of Thermo-electric Coolboxes and Compressor Fridges and expect to spend around £50 – £250. Take a look at the range of car refrigerators at www.buycarparts.CO.UK for more ideas.

Mini Fan

For those nights when the air is still and you need to create your own breeze investing in a fan or two is something you won’t regret. You can pick up 12 volt fans quite cheaply or invest a bit more and get hold of battery powered large blade fan.

Water Sprayer

Take a couple of hand held water sprayers with you that you can keep cool in your mini-fridge. These are incredibly refreshing when sat in hot traffic or when you might be struggling to sleep.

Cold packs

Keep a couple of gel packs or cool packs in your fridge for your neck and shoulders to help you cool off at night or in sweaty traffic jams.

Of course it’s equally important to ensure your vehicle is prepared for high temperatures so please make sure you check coolant, tyre pressure, oil levels, invest in heat resistant grease and if you have it..make sure your air-conditioning works. Most importantly..enjoy every minute of your road trip. These are memories you will treasure for a lifetime!

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