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Sustainable Gemstones & Gentle Diamonds from CARAT* London

March 4, 2022

I’ve never been big on wearing jewellery, but since reaching my forties I’ve found the idea of adding a bit of sparkle to an outfit increasingly appealing. Being a clueless scruff bag I’ve always felt wary of buying the wrong type of jewellery, not knowing where to venture to make sure I’m not investing in Blood Diamonds or similar (thanks for the insight Leonardo!) When I came across CARAT* London I was amazed to hear that their diamonds are in fact lab grown! {mind blown} I didn’t even know this was a thing!? Certainly no fear of conflict here – indeed the diamonds on offer at CARAT* London aren’t even mined and are completely sustainable. CARAT* London call them Gentle Diamonds. I love this concept!

Who are CARAT* London?

CARAT* have been creating fashion and fine jewellery for 20 years. They set out with the simple mission of finding the best alternatives to mined gemstones. They were one of the first retailers to invest in commercial lab diamond technology in the early days of the industry. CARAT* have grown to become a well loved, ethical jewellery brand with names such as Lady Gaga and Pixie Lott promoting their products. They sell from over 100 points of sale across the world including leading department stores Selfridges and Lane Crawford. CARAT* have become prevalent players in the now highly competitive market for sustainable and ethically sourced jewellery, having stayed true to their mission from the off set.

The Mimosa Drop Necklace £189

I was thrilled to be given a stunning Mimosa Drop Necklace courtesy of CARAT* London to wear for the purpose of this write up. This is the perfect necklace for me. Not too flashy and a little bit boho. First impressions were all good!


Sterling silver

White gold finish

45cm length

The Mimosa Drop Necklace is a lariat (lasso) style piece featuring CARAT*’s signature Stella star motif surrounded by Brilliant Round and micro set stones.


The Mimosa Drop is a joy to wear. The perfect accompaniment to a low cut dress, top or blazer the Mimosa adds sophisticated sparkle without being too flashy. There are three catches at the top of the chain allowing the length of the drop to be adjusted. The chain is secure and comfortable to wear. Once I was out for the evening it was easy to forget I was wearing a necklace (drives me mad when chains get twisted or catch on clothing). A simple and versatile piece that I’d be happy wearing on the beach or to a wedding. Dress it up or wear it as you are.

Takeaway thoughts

  • Sustainable, ethical, lab made Gentle Diamonds.
  • Forward thinking, family run business.
  • Low key, classic and sophisticated pieces.
  • Affordable prices in comparison to traditionally sourced diamonds.

A diamond that represents love should have gentle beginnings.

Heidi Thompson

Disclosure: I was kindly gifted a necklace from CARAT* London for the purpose of this review.

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