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Review: Dolma – Vegan & Cruelty Free Perfumes

January 27, 2023

I never really think too much about the ethics of my favourite perfumes, but having been recently introduced to a British fragrance brand with animal welfare at their core it’s certainly something I’ll be more aware of in the future. Dolma are a small, independent UK business built on a desire to create commercial scents that are totally ethical while retaining quality and beauty.

Our core values are honesty, transparency, continuous development, helpful customer service and above all commitment to animals and nature.


Dolma was established back in 1982 by Jim Payne – an Industrial Chemist with a love of animals and Buddhism. He noticed there were very few essential oils which were completely vegan so started creating his own blends – initially as a hobby. Over time he began sharing his fragrances with friends and advertised in Vegan Magazine and the business grew to a point he was able to sell in 2015. Today Dolma has ambitions to become a leading fragrance brand in the UK and Europe.

The Fragrances

Dolma make a selection of men’s and women’s fragrances. As a new customer it’s really helpful that they offer a Discovery Set where you can sample 12 of their classic scents. I loved exploring these floral aromas and can now say I have a selection of favourites including First Rain (mint leaf and jasmine); Vegamusk (loved this! Think Sandalwood and honey) and Light Bloom (light, orange and summery).

The Women’s Discovery Set (£32.95)

Perfect for trying their whole range in one shop – The Discovery Set offers 12 Dolma classic perfumes in cute 1.8ml bottles. Enough to get a few wears out of each one. When you’ve worked out which is your favourite you can then invest in a larger bottle enjoying a whopping 30% discount which comes as part of the Discovery Set.

Light Bloom 10ml (£13.95)

The prefect size for keeping in your handbag I’m chuffed with this cute bottle of Light Bloom. The scent itself is citrusy, fresh and breezy – something I’d wear everyday or to give me a freshen up.


I’m really impressed with Dolma and am pleased I’ve come across this brand. Their ethos is obviously a massive part of their brand and what they stand for… and of course, I always love supporting British made products. I smell great and it’s totally guilt free. Feeling good inside and out and it’s an absolute winner!

GIVEAWAY – I have a Discovery Set to give away! All you have to do to enter is to clink this link and sign up to the Dolma newsletter. Once you’ve done that comment on the Facebook post so I know you’ve entered. A winner will be picked on Friday February 10th. Good Luck!

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