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Astley Clarke’s Gold Ring Collection: Classically Beautiful, Socially Conscious Jewellery

August 29, 2022

As I’ve reached my mid-forties I’ve found that my love for jewellery has flourished. I’m pretty easy to please in terms of accessories – I like to keep things simple and classic. Nothing too awkward or fussy. When I was asked to work with Astley Clarke to showcase their collection of gold rings I jumped at the chance. These guys are the epitome of classic simplicity, plus they’re hugely committed to a sustainable ethos which is always a big win in my books. Have you heard of them? If not, let me fill you in…

Who are Astley Clarke?

Astley Clarke is a British jewellery brand that was founded in London in 2006 by Bec Astley Clarke. They started out as an online retailer but now their jewellery can be bought in a number of outlets including Liberty’s Selfridges, David Jones and Fortnum and Mason.

In their own words; We may be stargazers, but we have our feet planted firmly on the ground. We are serious about sustainability, and we want our jewellery to last, not its effect on our planet. We only work with noble metals, semi-precious and precious gemstones, as well as natural diamonds, which are responsibly sourced and adhere to the Kimberley Process (process in place to prevent conflict diamonds entering the market).

Gold Ring Collection

Astley Clarke have over sixty rings to browse in their Gold Collection, all classics with a modern twist. Available in many different designs and inset with various gemstones from rubies to topaz to diamonds, there’s something for suit every style here. I chose two items from this collection, both quite simple in design I wanted something I could wear everyday that would also sit well alongside my wedding ring.

My choices

Aubar Ring in Yellow Gold Vermeil – £70

I love the delicacy of this piece. It’s a very simple design yet the angular cuts sets it apart from other bands. Whilst I chose the yellow gold design the same ring is available with flashes of bright colour including blue and green enamel. The traditional yellow gold suits my colouring and means I cam wear it alongside my wedding ring without it looking too much. This is a ring I’ll wear everyday. Love it.

Stilla Arc Ring in Yellow Gold Vermeil – £75

This pretty, beaded effect ring is crafted from 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver. A slightly bolder piece than the Aubar ring yet still simple enough to wear everyday. The Stilla Arc is eye catching yet subtle and I love the unique chain design effect. I messed up when ordering the size for this one (my fault not Astley Clarke) and slightly regret not ordering a larger size. However, it looks cute on my pinky. Something I’ll wear on nights out.

My Thoughts

I’ve been really impressed with the jewellery collections offered through Astley Clarke. They seem to have struck upon a perfect balance of classic style with a modern twist whilst still being affordable. The service I’ve received has been flawless with pieces arriving in beautifully presented packaging. I’ll be looking to these guys for future gift inspiration and signature pieces. Make sure you take a peek!

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