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Caravan vs. Lodge: Which is better?

April 23, 2022

As you wade through your typical nine to five day, it’s likely that the most important thing on your mind, is the amazing holiday escape that simply can’t come round soon enough. This is the case for millions of people, who at least once a year, venture off to their dream holidays across the UK.

At the point of starting to plan your next escapade, wondering about the type of holiday, where to go, and where to stay, it can seem overwhelming at times. The perfect staycation can be comprised of so many different things and finding the right balance while pleasing everyone in your group can be a real challenge. I’m of the belief that planning your next adventure shouldn’t be anything other than exciting so I’ll be attempting to address one of the most crucial considerations when planning a holiday…..

Which is better — caravan or lodge?

With both being popular accommodation options for staycations I’m aiming to explore what each one has to offer, to find out which will be right for your next getaway.


One of the first things people ask when deciding on a caravan or a lodge, is what type of location they offer. Most caravan and lodge breaks are offered through holiday parks. All across the UK there’s an abundance of fantastic holiday parks in a range of amazing locations. The choices are endless regardless of whether you’re looking to enjoy your break near coast, mountain or even town.

Take a look at the lodges and static caravans from Away Resorts and check out the wide range of locations they have on offer. Away Resorts offer a huge range of choice from caravans in the blissful sunshine of Whitecliff Bay, or lodges in the beautiful heart of the New Forest. The choice is yours. As long as you find the right providers, you’ll be able to find a wide range of both lodges and caravans available. So, in terms of locations, both provide excellent options.

Features and Design

Next step – let’s look at the varying features of both caravans and lodges to work out which best ticks your box. Both options are able to offer a wide selection of high-quality designs, but of course there are slight differences in what you can expect from each option.

Caravans come in range of styles that can accommodate any guest. If you’re looking for a more affordable, simplistic option, you can buy or rent a basic value caravan, which offers all the comfort and necessities, without unnecessary expense on extras.

If you want something more, then there’s the possibility of investing in a more luxurious caravan break. Here you can expect detailed, quality furnishings, along with several features such as top-of-the-range TVs, and entertainment systems like Bluetooth speakers.

Lodges tend to provide slightly more high-end accommodation. On the whole they have a more homely feel to them, usually with a more luxurious interior and greater space than caravans. If you were to purchase a luxury lodge, you can expect the true peak of comfort and extravagance. With interior designs that rival some of the best high-end hotels, and a range of incredible features like top-notch kitchen units, and built-in hot-tubs, lodges provide the best blend of comfort and ‘wow factor’ when it comes to holiday homes.

Therefore, in terms of design and comfort, caravans are great for a range of different holidays, but if you’re looking for the real superior experience, lodges might be the better option.

Holiday styles

To determine whether a lodge or caravan is best, it’s important to decide what type of holiday you want to have. If you’re looking for a laid back break filled with exploring and venturing out then a caravan may well be your best option. A standard caravan will provide you with all the necessities you need for living and sleeping, but won’t overbear your budget in the short periods you’re actually in there between your daily adventures.

Or you might be looking for a romantic couple’s getaway or cosy retreat, where you want to spend the majority of your time snuggled up in amazing accommodation. For this option a lodge might be your best choice, as you can indulge in the luxurious, intimate comfort of your surroundings, whilst enjoying unique experiences such as night-time stargazing from a hot-tub.

Therefore, your decision of either a lodge or a caravan will depend greatly on the type of escape you are planning on.

So, the big question, which is better? As you can see, the answer is – neither, or perhaps both!

Every staycation is different, and therefore every guest and every trip will have a different check list to fulfil. The choice of a caravan or lodge all depends on what you want from your trip. So, once you establish your needs and budget, you’ll find the holiday home that’s the perfect fit for you!

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