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Wild Iris @ Flimwell Park – Luxury Woodland Spa

July 15, 2021

I recently had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with Emma and Steph, owners of the brand new Wild Iris spa, part of the exciting new Flimwell Park development. Wild Iris is unlike any spa I have ever been to – from the moment you arrive you are made to feel welcome, pampered & fully encouraged to switch off and take your time. Treatments are a blend of holistic therapies using elements of reiki, massage and meditation alongside more traditional beauty treatments. With the spa being located in the heart of the brand new Flimwell Park site, you are immediately transported to a woodland oasis thanks to the unique blend of sustainably designed workspaces and surrounding coppiced woodland.


Emma and Steph met at beauty college 17 years ago (they do not look old enough for this to be true!) and have spent most of those years building their experience in a wide range of traditional beauty treatments. Through Wild Iris they have been able to finely tune a hand picked selection of therapies focusing on holistic and natural treatments while creating a calming and nurturing environment for their guests to enjoy. They have selected products which are natural and pure; decorated using eco-themed tones and used a range of Eastern inspired utensils adding real sense of escapism. They also encourage a ‘no-hurry’ policy while offering the use of their gorgeous relaxation room where guests can drink tea & continue to unwind even after treatments.

My experience

I’m not a very spa person and my experience in this area is fairly limited. I often feel out of my comfort zone and a bit out of place when I visit spas, but happily this was not the case with Wild Iris. As soon as I arrived both Emma and Steph made me feel comfortable and welcome. We had a chat about how their new business was going and they showed me some of their favourite bits of decor. It was all very easy going and laid back. Time clearly isn’t an issue at Wild Iris – this is somewhere you go to switch off and stop clock watching.


I had decided to indulge in a facial and a pedicure – my first ever facial and second ever pedicure! As a complete novice to the whole experience Emma made me feel very at ease and a little less clueless. The facial treatment began with delicate splashes of rose water leading to natural facelift massage techniques and use of pressure points encouraging lymph drainage. What really struck me about my facial experience is the extent of the treatment. Emma used massage techniques on most of my body especially around the neck and shoulder area which certainly made a massive impact on how I felt afterwards. I found the facial incredibly uplifting, relaxing and calming. I honestly could have stayed on that bed all day!

After a bit of chill time (no rushing here!) it was time for my next treatment – this time a pedicure. I started running last year and my feet have taken a bit of a battering so I was initially quite apologetic for the state of my feet! Steph really didn’t seem to mind though and embraced my knackered little trotters as through they belonged to a princess! My feet were soaked in a refreshing salt bath scented with fresh orange, rose buds and lavender. They were then exfoliated and covered in 100% natural Shea butter, before having all their aches and pains massaged away by Steph’s magic hands. Whilst this was taking place Emma had delivered some herbal tea and light snacks – it seems all this self care can work up quite an appetite! The treatment finished with a Magpie gel and polish leaving my feet looking and feeling a million times better than when I arrived.


I honestly love everything that Wild Iris stands for. Here are two ambitious young women starting up a business during really challenging times, while going out on a limb to create a spa unlike any other. I really believe that they will achieve all the success they deserve with what they have created. They aspire to use clean, eco friendly products. They firmly believe in putting their customers first. They have created a space that is universally across all welcoming and soothing across all genders thanks to their careful choice of times and colour. Wild Iris feels like a brave step into the future of wellness and beauty therapy. I really look forward to seeing how Emma and Steph flourish over the coming months. Book a visit while you can – I guarantee these guys are going to be incredibly popular!

For full details on treatments and spa experiences please visit the Wild Iris website here.

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