Review: The Micro Trike from Micro Scooters

July 12, 2018

As your toddler grows in confidence with their walking skills and independence there comes a time when a push chair becomes more of a hinderance than a help.

At the age of 2 and a half my son would much rather take a scooter or balance bike on a day trip than sit in a pushchair…but these mini vehicles are hard to control in busy towns making shopping trips hazardous and stressful. On the other hand if I do take a pushchair I end up juggling a toddler who would rather walk with one hand and a wobbly pushchair in the other….another stressful shopping trip guaranteed! This is the perfect stage to try out the new Micro Trike from Micro Scooters. The trike has been designed to support preschoolers in transitioning to full independence by creating a light weight scooter tailored to navigating shopping trips, school runs or trips to the park.

Having tested the Micro Trike over the past month I’ve put together 5 of it’s best features. Here’s why I recommend the Micro Trike for getting out and about with a toddler:


When your toddler is riding the Micro Trike YOU have control. There’s a time and a place for learning to get about independently and sometimes it works in both your favours to reign that freedom in a little. My toddler is fiercely independent so we’ve experimented with taking scooters around the shops with us but the outcome usually involves me running three paces behind trying to keep up and panicking every time we go anywhere near traffic. The Micro Trike is a happy medium…my toddler feels more grown up than he does in a pushchair but I still have all the control allowing for safer, less stressful outings all round.


I was impressed at how easy it is to steer and navigate the Micro Trike. I particularly found shop aisles which are usually a nightmare with a wide buggy suddenly became far more accessible thanks to the more compact trike. I did struggle a little with bumpier surfaces and curbs…the trike is definitely most suited to smooth shopping mall surfaces and even pavements.


Through the eyes of a child the Micro Trike looks and feels more like a bike than a pushchair. My toddler is always highly motivated and excited about his adventures on his Trike whereas I find myself bribing him to spend time in his pushchair. It’s win win all round. Fun for him. Practical for me!


The Micro Trike’s seat collapses and the handle bar compresses meaning that the trike can reduce to a manageable size for transporting and carrying. I suddenly have three times as much boot space in my car as the trike sits neatly in the corner rather than dominating the whole rear like our buggy once did. It also means I’m happy to bring the trike along on outings ‘just in case’ as an alternative to pick me ups and piggy backs.

5.Stress free

The Micro Trike was easy to adapt to the nature of our outing. If my son wants to hop off the trike and walk for a while I can just fold the trike up and carry it. It’s much lighter than any pushchair and folds so that it is manageable to carry whilst still keeping tabs on your toddler. All in all I found it a welcome addition to our days out rather than the cumbersome annoyance that our pushchair has become over recent months.

As you can see I am a big fan of the Micro Trike but that is largely down to it suiting our needs at this particular stage in development. I would suggest that the trike is ideally suited to age 2 plus or when your child can confidently sit upright without support. There are straps to secure your child in place but these offer little in terms of support to younger riders. It’s also important to consider where you plan to use your trike. As I mentioned smooth surfaces and bump free paths are fine but lots of bumps and curbs and you may find your journey is not suited to the trike long term. Finally…be aware….the trike does not have a brake so you need to be vigilant especially near roads that you have a firm grip on the handle at all times. The Micro Trike is available to buy for £79.95 on the Micro Scooter website and in my opinion is certainly worth the money…especially if you do a daily school run or regular shopping trips with your toddler.

We were sent out trike for the purpose of this review but all thought and opinions are my own.

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