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Review: Overboard Pro-Waist Pack with Drybags UK

May 22, 2021

Over the past year I’ve been trying to develop an understanding of paddle boarding safely and with confidence. I’ve invested in 1:1 coaching both on the river and sea, I’ve researched the best places to paddle in my local area, and I’ve slowly built up my kit resources to ensure I can feel safe, warm and well prepared on the water. As my experience on the water grows it the importance of good kit that you can rely on becomes increasingly clear.

I was recently sent a 4 litre Overboard Pro-Waist Pack by Drybags UK to put through its paces. Here’s what I learnt…

The Importance of Supplies

Previously I have tried to take as little as possible on the water with me – but with experience I have realised this is definitely not the way forward. Having the space to comfortably store supplies has made me assess what I should be taking on the water each time I head out. Snacks, drinks and phone are all fairly obvious playing important roles in restoring energy supplies and helpline should anything serious occur. But having the option to pack more has allowed me to become even more prepared with space for a small emergency battery pack, sunscreen and a small first aid kit. This progress in my personal preparation has a knock on effect on my confidence on the water (especially at sea) knowing I’m ready for any eventuality.


The Overboard Pro-Waist 4 litre is a perfect sized dry bag for this very purpose. The main pouch opens up like Mary Poppin’s handbag – deep, spacious and easy to access there’s enough space to hold all your paddle supplies in a simple space. Constructed from lightweight and environmentally friendly TPU fabrics with welded seams the bag is 100% waterproof offering guaranteed protection for your belongings. The pouch is then secured using the roll top Fold Seal System by folding over the opening and securing with a two clip connector. There’s an additional, smaller zip pouch on the front where you can store a 1 litre drinks bottle.


The waist pack fits like a bum bag around your waist secured with a large clicker strap. The waist strap is easy to use, even with cold fingers ensuring the bag remains a fuss free and simple addition to your kit list. The waist belt is padded and wide allowing it to sit comfortably on your hips during activities. I can honestly say I barely noticed I was wearing the bag during my recent paddles. It’s light and feels tucked away allowing you to focus on your sport.


I haven’t been IN the water wearing the bag yet so I can’t give an honest account of how the bag fares when fully submerged, However, I’ve used the bag on a number of paddles where there’s been plenty of splashing, sea spay, rain and the likes. On these occasions all my belongings have remained absolutely bone dry. The bag floats when thrown into water and guarantees full waterproof for quick submersions. I’ve found this really reassuring, particularly on solo missions meaning there’s one less thing to worry about during my water based adventures.


Overboard is a well known brand in terms of Drybags, and having spent a bit of time getting to grips with the Pro-Light Waist Pack I can see why. The Pro-Light is well made, easy to use and totally functional for its purpose. It’s currently listed on the website priced at £36.25 which makes it affordable for any serious paddle boarders, kayakers or sailors out there. For me it’s become more than just a piece of kit. It’s become a bit of a security blanket where I can comfortably stash all my life lines making me feel I can tackle anything my next adventure throws at me.

If you’d like to check out this and many more drybags then please make sure you take a look at the rest of the Drybags UK website. This post contains affiliate links which provide me with a small commission at no extra cost to you. Enjoy your time on the water!

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