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Kidunk Clothing Review: Outdoor Clothing for Little Explorers

April 26, 2018

Having a hyper active two year old means we need to get out of the house every day, whatever the weather. Over the years I’ve found the key to a successful session of outdoor exploring always comes down to wearing the right clothing. I’ve become fanatical about dressing my toddler in suitable outerwear to save on endless washing. We now have a selection of waterproof onesies, all very practical but none particularly stylish or warm….that is until I came across Kidunk clothing!

Kidunk clothing has been created by a small team of childcare experts. Having witnessed first hand the chaos our little ones can create they decided to design a range of garments that not only protect children from mess but also look incredibly cute. The range of tops and trousers are suitable for messy adventures outdoors as well as crafting and baking antics indoors!

We were recently sent a Kidunk Splash top and Ink trousers to put to the test. I was impressed by several aspects of the outfit…but most importantly Logan loved it. As he’s only two he wasn’t really able to express why he liked his new clothes so much…but the motivation to get dressed in his bright new gear was obvious.


Kidunk // Comfort

Both the top and trousers have a super soft lining making them warm…but also soft on the skin. The Splash top has a stretchy neckline with poppers making it easy to put on but making sure that dirt stays on the outside. Wrists are kept cosy with cushioned, elasticated cuffs and zips are covered.


Kidunk // Practical

One of the unique aspects of these play suits is that you can zip the top and trousers together to make a onesie style suit (perfect for snow days!) or take them apart. This makes the clothing incredibly versatile. You could just wear the top if you’re doing craft at the kitchen table. Or just the trousers if it’s a warm day but there are puddles about. Best of all…if your child is potty training or still in nappies you don’t have to have the struggle of getting completely undressed each time there’s a toilet emergency.

Kidunk // Durable

Kidunk clothes are Teflon coated making them stain resistant, water resistant and extremely durable. They are designed to get dirty so naturally it’s important that they wash well…and they do! You can throw them into your usual wash at 40 degrees and tumble drier in a low heat.

Kidunk // Fun

With their bright colours, cute patterns and striking designs it’s clear that Kidunk clothing has been designed with young children in mind. Logan loved the big circle on his Splash top and was excited to label the colours he was wearing. I’ve not seen any wet weather gear quite like this for children which I find really refreshing and appealing.

Kidunk // Boots

Kidunk also sell Playshoes welly boots. Again, Logan loved the bright colour of his boots. They come in a choice of bright red, yellow or navy blue. Unlike most wellies theses boots come with a cosy, fluffy lining…so cosy that Logan has started trying to wear them without his socks! They also have a useful drawstring and toggle at the top to stop overspills in those puddles that might be deeper than you thought!

Kidunk // What we thought

I’ve been really impressed with this outfit, and more importantly so has Logan. There is so much attention to detail that makes the clothing totally fit for purpose. I liked the zips at the bottom of the trousers (like on ski sallopettes) which made it easy to put wellies on but kept inner clothing layers secure and snug. I also think the connecting zip around the waist is sheer genius! The top retails for £24.99 and the trousers for £19.99….so the whole set comes in at around £45 and is money well spent in my opinion. Kidunk items are durable, versatile and long lasting. Now where can we find some more puddles…..




  • Matthew

    January 7, 2020 at 2:42 pm

    These are such a good idea and really thoughtfully made for the needs of kids, rather than just thrown together clothing like other brands.

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