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A Review of the Kids Snuggy Blanket Hoody – the Cosiest of Campfire Attire!

April 22, 2021

Who are Snuggy?

Snuggy are a UK based lounge wear brand who make incredibly cosy, warm and wearable clothing for adults and children. They’re best know for their oversized hooded blanket – The Snuggy which you’ll read more about in this post. However in addition to the product they’re best known for, Snuggy also offer a fun range of bed pods, blankets and even cosy clothing for dogs!

Snuggy Kids – Review

We were kindly sent two Snuggy Kids hoodies for Daisy (11) and Logan (5) each priced £34.99 to test out for this review. The Snuggys come in just two sizes, adult or kids offering one size fits all within each of those categories. We were sent a grey Snuggy for Daisy and a red Snuggy for Logan. First impressions were very good with the product arriving the day after ordering and the Snuggies themselves feeling incredibly soft and smooth to touch in bright, vibrant colours.

How do they fit?

I was concerned that the one size fits all sizing might be an issue – my children have 6 years between them in age so are obviously quite different sizes! However the Snuggies are designed to be oversized and it really didn’t seem to be an issue at all. At age 5 Logan’s Snuggy is definitely on the large size but it still suits its purpose perfectly. He looks cosy but not swamped and certainly seems very happy when he’s wearing it. Daisy’s Snuggy, on the other hand at age 11 still looks oversized with plenty of room. The Kids range of Snuggies is aimed at children up to 12 years but I have to admit that I’ve tried them both on and they even fit me! It’s like they’ve created some miracle material that fits all sizes!

How do they feel?

The Snuggy is very soft, incredibly tactile and a dream to wear. I love cuddling the kids when they’re wearing these. The inside has a flannel fleece lining which is snug and warm. Essentially though, the Snuggy has been designed to keep you warm on cold winter nights or chilly summer evenings spent outside – and it excels in fulfilling its purpose. The kids have both spent the odd night sleeping in theirs partly due to the fact that once you’re snuggled up you just don’t want to take the Snuggy off. The issue I’m now having is getting them to wear anything else!

When to wear them?

I originally had in mind that the Snuggy would purely be for our camping adventures, but since we’ve had them the kids have used them far more than I expected. They often put them on after school when they’re sitting at the computer or watching TV – there seems to be a comfort in wearing them. They have worn them for days out, for sleepovers, on the beach and even to school. I would say they are ideal for cold nights around a campfire or festival wear but they are so versatile that their practicality goes way beyond that.


What’s not to love? Fun, warm, practical and versatile – plus the kids absolutely love them. I think £34.99 is a reasonable price for this durable product that I hope will see us through many an evening spent around the campfire.

Disclosure: We were gifted Snuggies for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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