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Schipol International Airport – The perfect starting point for your next International adventure

February 2, 2023

If you’re thinking of exploring mainland Europe this year then why not consider starting your travels from Schipol? Where and what is Schipol you ask? Schipol is the main international airport serving Amsterdam in the heart of the Netherlands. With its modern amenities, convenient transportation options and great location for sightseeing Schiphol is the ideal starting point for travellers seeking a truly memorable European trip. Schipol is also the hub for many major airlines providing international transit links to destinations such as New Zealand, Mexico and South Africa. With this in mind the airport is well equipped for all types of travellers with various services like currency exchange desks, quality dining options, and transport facilities like booking a Car rental Schipol from the airport or moving out for public transport.

Why start your Europe trip from Schipol?

Location and Connections

Schiphol Airport is an important central hub for travel across Europe and beyond. The international airport has direct rail connections to the city centre and other major cities across the Netherlands. Schiphol also boasts an impressive list of airlines with over 100 destinations available within Europe and more destinations worldwide. With its convenient location and extensive network of air routes, Schiphol is the gateway to your European journey.

Airport Experiences

Travellers who have visited Schiphol for themselves can testify that it’s an impressive international hub. The modern infrastructure ensures passengers move through the airport with ease. From check-in kiosks to efficient security and customs procedures. Even first-time travellers are able to confidently navigate the well laid out airport.

Amenities and Services

Schiphol Airport is known for its vast range of amenities and services. From currency exchange to restaurants and shopping, Schiphol offers a wide selection of facilities to make long layovers more comfortable. Passengers have access to free Wi-Fi throughout the entire terminal as well as charging stations for powering up their devices. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat, with everything from cafes and bars serving international cuisine and fast food restaurants. For those who need some extra help or assistance navigating the airport or getting around Amsterdam, Schiphol employs their own flee of support staff and information desks. 

Transportation Options

Once you’ve navigated your way out of the airport and into the streets of Amsterdam a whole city of culture awaits. To get around Amsterdam itself, a great option is to rent a bike. The city’s extensive cycling network makes it easy and convenient. Additionally, public transport such as trams and buses run regularly throughout the day. For those looking for longer-distance travel options from Schiphol airport, you can choose to drive around with rented cars conveniently and go where you need to without any hassle. SO there you have it – whether you’re planning on exploring close to home or using Schipol as a stepping stone to international travel it’s an airport that stands above the rest. Why not check it out on your next trip to Europe and find out why?

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