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5 Tips for Setting Up Your Own Glamping Retreat

July 13, 2023

Glamping is an increasingly popular option for campers and outdoor lovers wanting to experience the being close to nature without the stress (and more of the luxury) that often comes as part of a traditional camping holiday. If you’ve got land, a paddock – even a large garden perhaps with stunning rural views then setting up a glamping facility might be something you could consider as a way to monetise your land. Like anything worth doing setting up a glamping business can be challenging and is by no means a venture that should be undertaken lightly. If you have the dedication, determination, and of course, capital to invest, glamping could just be the life improving project you’re looking for… Take a look at these five things to consider when setting up your own glamping retreat:

1) Choose Your Location

If you don’t already have rural land that would be the perfect popular glamping location, then you’re going to want to consider where you purchase your land. You’ll need to take time to research your potential locations, make sure to spend time in your shortlisted areas – ideally, you’ll want to find the perfect combination of beautiful scenery with nearby activities for tourists to boost the potential for your retreat to be a popular choice.

2) Get Planning Permission

Planning permission is essential if you’re looking to make large changes to your property, and this includes setting up a glamping site. The last thing you want is for the council to demand that you tear down all of your hard work because you bypassed the proper channels. Ensuring that you secure planning permission is one of the most essential things you should do to protect your investment before you start any sort of construction.

3) Work with Skilled Contractors

When building your glamping accommodation, you want to ensure that you work with skilled contractors who will complete your structures to the highest standard. If you’re not sure where to start, consider consulting platforms such as Checkatrade to find trusted builders in your area. Finding a reliable builder is a great connection to make aside from your glamping project, you never know when your house could need repair work!

4) Ensure Comfort for Your Guests

Comfort is one of the biggest draws of glamping, it allows holiday makers to experience the highs of camping, without the discomfort that can often come from sleeping in tents. If you’re looking for comfortable mattresses for your glamping beds, then consider consulting with the experts at Archers Sleep Centre. Comfortable beds will not only give your guests a good experience, but it could also be a major selling point in their own word-of-mouth recommendations to their friends. If you want to go the extra mile, consider providing high quality amenities to give your visitors that true hotel feel.

5) Advertise Your Retreat

Finally, you want to advertise your glamping site to maximise your potential for visitors. Not only should you set up a website that can be optimised for SEO so that you can start climbing the all-important Google rankings, but you should consider listing your property on popular platforms. For example, Airbnb is an increasingly popular option for travellers who are wanting to move away from hotel travel, so utilising this platform for your glamping lodges could be a great way to ensure you always have guests.

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