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Luxury Afternoon Tea at Home Courtesy of Ashdown Park Hotel

March 27, 2021

All credit to the hospitality industry this past year. They’ve had a tough run and it’s led to some creative thinking for ways to keep businesses ticking over while still offering loyal customers services they love during lockdown. The Ashdown Park Hotel and Country Club, located in the heart of the Ashdown Forest comes as no exception. During this period of restrictions Ashdown Park are continuing to prepare their luxury Afternoon Teas for collection for the enjoyment of guests in their own home. Available weekly from Friday – Sunday between 12pm and 2pm the beautifully prepared Afternoon Teas are perfect for a special occasion or to just celebrate getting through another week of Lockdown! The teas cost £39 for two people and will need to be ordered in advance. Full details can be found here.

Afternoon Tea at Home Review

It’s not everyday you get asked to try out a delicious spread of sandwiches and cakes under the pretense of work. But here I was, being asked to do just that. And who am I to say no? So come the end of my working week I was presented with 2 compact boxes filled with treats to explore. Once unpacked it’s clear there’s more than enough to satisfy two here – which is lucky as my curious little folk were very keen to get involved on this pretty little tea party.

Each tea comes with four finger sliced sandwiches, each with a different filling ensuring all tastes are catered for. I loved the mature cheddar and chutney & the honey baked gammon with English mustard, both giving a little kick to wake the taste buds.

Moving on to one of the raisin scones I’m wary of getting too full before sampling as much as the tea as I possibly can! The scones are generous yet fluffy and light served alongside a jar of clotted cream (not fresh) and pots of both strawberry and raspberry jams. I eat half before holding back excited to try the most eye catching part of the tea – the assortment of cakes..

Each tea comes with four stunning cakes. A Beurre Noisette Fanancier: Raspberry Torte: Hazelnut Macaron and a Lemon Brulee. The Lemon Brulee was the highlight for me – not only the prettiest thing on the table but utterly delicious as well, reminiscent of a zingy lemon cheesecake. The Noisette Fanancier was a close contender, another cute sweet nibble tasting every bit as good as it looks.

I realise that I need to invest in some appropriate crockery for occasions like this as my certainly falls a little short. It didn’t feel quite right sipping a refreshing Earl Grey from my hefty, over used coffee mug. Something I’ll have to keep in mind for next time. Clunky mugs aside, nothing could take away the excitement of enjoying all these special foods in our own home. An absolute treat perfect to lift spirits during these tricky times.

Afternoon Teas are available for collection when booked in advance via the hotel website between 12pm – 2pm Friday – Saturday. Alfresco dining is planned to resume from April 12th. Please check the hotel website for the latest news and events.

Disclosure: We received an afternoon tea for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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