10 Reasons Chilled in a Field is an Awesome Family Festival

August 7, 2018

Chilled in a Field is a small, family focused festival on the outskirts of Lewes in East Sussex. The event promises a laid back and intimate experience with great food, music and entertainment for the whole family. This was our second visit to Chilled and we loved every minute! Here are just 10 of the many reasons why we believe that Chilled in the Field is an awesome family festival…..

1. It IS super chilled

With just 1500 visitors Chilled in a Field is small enough to feel comfortable about letting children roam free. The festival area comprises of one large field and a woodland area. Camping is right next to the main festival field and the relatively small size of the event means that there are never any queues or crowds.

2. Great food

The street food village is made up of a fantastic range local pop ups and diners. The variety of eateries covers all tastes including Asian cuisine at Kaleidoscope Kitchen, vegan and veggie at Supernatural Catering and our favourite….seafood delights at Olly’s Fish Shack.

3. Glyndebourne Woods

Glyndebourne Woods offer an escape from the heat in the middle of the day and a magical, natural playground. Even without all the performers you’ll find play areas, woodland statues and Branching Out making these woods a hive of activity throughout the festival.

4. Great music

You’ll find something for all music tastes throughout the weekend. This year’s crowd enjoyed headlining acts from She Bangs the Drum, Tom Williams and She Robot….plus DJ’s, silent disco…even the toddlers have their own rave with Tot Rockin’ Beats!

5. Performers

In addition to all the great music acts you’ll find constant entertainment in the form of theatre groups, circus performers and workshops throughout the weekend. We loved watching the Rhubarb Theatre Company perform their hilarious sketch about waiting for a train…and the charming Misfortune Teller and her tale of Maisy joining the circus.

6. Environmentally responsible

Chilled in a Field is an environmentally conscious not-for-profit social gathering run by volunteers. They have recycling stations clearly marked throughout the site and the bars do not sell plastic cups or bottles. You are encouraged to buy a souvenir plastic cup along with your first drink which you can then refill for the rest of the event. Great idea!

7. Tailored camping areas

There are two distinct camping areas at Chilled, one for those who might want to go to bed and rise early….and another for party animals who might need some peaceful recovery time in the morning. In addition to this live music finishes at a reasonable hour each night after which night owls can enjoy a silent disco in the woodland area. Everyone’s happy!

8. Magical

The organisers clearly makes a huge effort to add a touch of magic to this event. The woodland area in particular is an endless trail of glitter, streamers, mirror balls and toadstools stimulating little imaginations….and a dose of escapism for grown ups.

9. The Spa

The pop up Treatment Tents offer everything from hot stone massage and deep tissue massage to relaxing sessions in your own wood fuelled hot tub. A little taste of luxury whilst living the festival life.

10. The Miniature Railway

The Miniature railway is always one of the highlights of any visit to Bentley… with a 1 mile long track and trains powered by a variety of forms, steam, petrol, diesel and electric. The railway is operated entirely by a team of extremely enthusiastic and passionate volunteers. The station looks and feels like a traditional vintage railway station and the track is extensive running alongside the beautiful Glyndebourne woods.

We loved Chilled in a Field for all the reasons above and many more…if you’d like to join us next year tickets are on sale now for Chilled in a Field 2019.

We were invited to Chilled in a Field in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  • Flyingkids

    August 10, 2018 at 8:54 am

    What a family-friendly festival. So full of great activities for the kids and the whole family!

  • Kathryn @SussexBloggers

    August 12, 2018 at 9:31 am

    This sounds fabulous! It looks like there’s a great atmosphere. Would love to go next year. I’d not heard of it before but the name of the festival immediately won me over!

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