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5 ways to add extra fun to Christmas 2022

October 13, 2022

As the temperature drops and Christmas gifts slowly begin appearing in your local shops, many folk are already starting to think about their upcoming festive plans. If you’re in charge of planning the ultimate shindig, why not mix things up with these alternative fun ideas for Christmas 2022?

Cook an alternative Christmas dinner

Sick of the boring roast turkey and veggies? Why not branch out more this year by rustling up an untraditional Christmas dinner? There are plenty of fun recipes out there to try your hand at, including a variety of different starters and sides. For the ultimate spin on a traditional Christmas, why not cook your festive feast on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas day munching on leftovers and buffet bits instead?

Gather together in a holiday home

Enjoy Christmas 2022 in a home away from home. Sometimes going to the same old houses can become a little repetitive. Try staying somewhere else, like a holiday home with your family and friends can revitalise the Christmas spirit and help you truly escape from your day-to-day for the festive season.

White elephant gift exchange

If you’re celebrating Christmas in a slightly bigger group, a white elephant gift exchange can be a fun way to swap presents. While there are many rules to this game, the basic premise goes as follows:

· Each person brings a wrapped gift to the table.

· The first player selects a gift and opens it.

· The following players can choose to either pick an unwrapped gift or steal the previous player’s gift.

· After all the players go, the first player gets their chance to swap the gift they’re holding for any other opened gift.

· When someone declines to steal a gift, the game comes to an end.

Join volunteering

There’s more to Christmas than exchanging presents and eating delicious food. Sometimes it’s good to give back to those that might not be lucky enough to be able to celebrate the day in the same, indulgent way as the rest of us. There are lots of local ways to get involved with volunteering and most places will be glad to have a helping hand willing to do their bit!

Play Christmas games

Move over boring Monopoly and the subsequent family arguments! There are some new games in town. It might be a round of Christmas-themed charades, or even a game of Holiday How Do You Doo (humming your favourite Christmas tunes without the words and letting family members guess the song) – whatever you play will be the perfect after-Christmas entertainment to round off the day.

As the UK gets ready for the festive period, it’s not too early to start planning Christmas 2022. With these 5 fun things to do, you can guarantee an unforgettable season ahead that even the worst Christmas grinch will enjoy!

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