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5 Festive Activities for Dads and Sons

November 11, 2022

Is there any other Christmas image more iconic than the whole extended family squashed around a dining table, Christmas hats akimbo, enjoying the big day together? Yes, there’s always someone helping themselves to one too many roasties and everyone’s avoiding the sprouts, but that’s all part of the magic; spending time with family and loved ones is an integral part of Christmas celebrations up and down the country.

It’s often a time spent catching up with family members you don’t see so regularly, but don’t forget to spend some time with your old man and buy him a festive Christmas card. Luckily, there are plenty of Christmas activities to do together.

Take a wintery walk together

Escape the distractions at home and dedicate some uninterrupted time with your dad. Wrap up warm and hurtle out into the brisk weather for a lovely long walk where you can really connect over great conversation that you wouldn’t normally get at home. With so many beautiful walking tracks all over the UK, all you need are your thermals, fuzzy fleeces and flask of piping hot tea! Head to the coast for some of the most mesmerising open landscapes and a gulp of sea air, take in the rolling hills of The Peaks or try out something more challenging in the Lake District.

Get festive at a Christmas market

There’s nothing quite like a Christmas market to welcome in the holiday season. Check out your local market and treat your old man to a mulled wine and a currywurst before perusing the handmade crafts that deck out the rustic cabins.

Go carolling

If your pops has a soft spot for beautiful classical music or even a cheeky Christmas tune, look out for a carol concert in your local church, cathedral or town hall. Most of these venues host great orchestras and choirs over the festive period. See if you can belt out a tune together during a carol concert and enjoy the Christian traditions that make Christmas so special.

Culture Club

Keep your eye out for other Christmas entertainment too. Whether your dad prefers the arts, a gig or a showstopping piece of theatre, there’s bound to be something on that you can treat him to. You could even check out the local Panto!

Shop till you drop

Why not combine Christmas shopping with a catch up? Tour the shops together and choose great gifts for your loved ones. He could even offer you some much-needed advice for gifts for other members of the family! And let’s face it, who would ever turn that kind of help down?

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