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Review: Cat in the Hat at Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

March 24, 2019

Last week, my 3 year old son and I had the absolute pleasure of watching the Cat in the Hat theatre show at the Assembly Hall Theatre in Tunbridge Wells. I’ve had a few tricky experiences with my youngest at the theatre but this was an absolute hit all round. Engaging and fun with non-stop action from start to finish! Here’s the lowdown on what to expect:


The show is perfect for age 3 plus. Preschoolers and primary age are likely to get the most out of the show but older children and even adults will find it a joy to watch. Younger children and babes in arms are all welcome. The vibe in the audience is laid back, relaxed and family friendly.

Stage Set

The set design immediately takes the audience straight into the pages of Dr. Seuss’s classic book. It’s as though we have been transported right into the home of Sally and Boy on that rainy day.

Tip: Read the book with your child in the week running up to the show to fully appreciate the set, story and characters.


Directed by Suba Das the show is non-stop, high energy and totally immersive throughout. Created in association with the National Centre for Circus Acts be prepared for more than your average children’s theatre with acrobatic chaos allowing the magic of Dr Seuss come to life.


We loved watching Nana Amoo-Gottfried as the Cat in the Hat demonstrating some incredible multi-tasking – balancing on a ball holding numerous items presented to him by Sally and her brother as they try to entertain themselves. You could hear the audience gasp in awe as he manages to stay in control as tea pots, gold fish bowl and brooms are thrown at him. Very impressive!

The stand out scene has to be the utter chaos caused by Thing 1 (Celia Francis) and Thing 2 (Robert Penny). Thanks to the cleverly designed set this crazy pair have the audience in stitches with their backflips onto beds, diving through windows, high flips onto bookshelves and cheeky hand waves. Utterly bonkers but the young theatre go-ers were clearly all utterly captivated by the antics…and I have to say..I had rather a large smile on my own face.

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