Urban Jump Trampoline Park, Heathfield

December 20, 2016

Urban Jump is a Trampoline Centre that goes far beyond just trampolining. The range of activities and facilities offered under one roof is substantial ranging from the obvious trampolining, to dodge ball, ninja warrior course, basketball hoops, gladiator balance beam and even a soft play for the littlies. As well as offering a wide range of facilities Urban Jump have made a real effort to make their facilities accessible to as wide an audience as possible through exclusive sessions for under 5’s and young people and adults with Autism. The general Urban Jump sessions are open to anyone over 7 years old…including us grown ups! One of the main appeals of Urban Jump for us is that everyone’s needs throughout the entire family are catered for, ranging from our 15 month old through to our Primary and High School aged children..and Matt and I are even able to join in..or just enjoy a decent coffee in a spacious lounge area. This is a rare find, we so often have to split up as a family to enjoy individual activities, but not at Urban Jump.

Time for some family bonding…!

The venue itself is vast. Set in an Industrial Unit just behind Heathfield we were able to park right at the front door. We visited on a Saturday morning and we able to walk straight up to the front desk and were served straight away. To the right of the reception area there’s a large cafe area with the Ninja Warrior course further around a corner. We were told that we needed to first of all read and sign a waiver to show that we – the parents were aware of the risks involved in the activities at Urban Jump. Once we’d signed away we were kitted out with special Urban Jump socks, a coloured wristband to show which slot we were due to jump and told to make our way over to the safety briefing room ten minutes before our sessions. It’s advisable to arrive at least 20 minutes before you’re booked to jump as there is quite a lot of pre jump preparation that takes place.

Upstairs cafe

We went downstairs to an even larger area. Here we found another cafe next to a decent sized (and brand new) soft play area, a spacious area with further seating and lockers, toilets and a huge area with row after row of trampolines. Trampolines on the ground, trampolines on a slope, trampolines next to sponge pits, trampolines in cages, with basketball hoops…oh and a gladiator style balance beam! The space, choice and sheer vibrancy of the place is quite overwhelming at first! Matt took Logan, our youngest, off to explore the soft play whilst I accompanied the rest of the gang for their safety briefing. We were invited into a small room to one side where there were seats and a large TV screen and not much else. A member of staff explained that we’d watch a short video which is funny in parts…but to remember the information it relays is very important. I was pleased with the way the safety briefing was delivered. I’ve been to a similar venue before where a similar message was yelled at the group over a chatting group of teenagers. I felt that Urban Jump have thought about both delivering this information in a clear but engaging manner.

The main Jump area

Briefed on safety and ready to go we all enter the jump area. Our session had about 20 young people jumping. It never felt crowded or cramped. The children all went off to explore the various aspects of the jump facilities. The boys loved the Dodgeball cages and Gladiator balance beam. Both ideal places to get rid of some of that teenage angst! Daisy loved bouncing from one side of the large trampoline area to the other. By the end of the hour she was able to jump up the side walls and spin around. Leon also really enjoyed trying to do a somersault into the sponge pit…he didn’t quite master it this time but maybe next time!

So many ways to bounce!

Towards the end of the session we all suddenly rembered about the Ninja Warrior course. We pottered upstairs and we told to take it in turns and give each other plenty of space. The Ninja Warrior course is pretty challenging for children, but they all had a go and enjoyed swinging on the ropes and trying to imitate the TV show. I can imagine it’s a lot of fun competing with a friend and trying to beat your personal best time.

Ninja Warrior course

Our hour slot whizzed by. Despite being physically worn out the kids were all a bit gutted they had to end their activities and adamant that we needed to come back as soon as possible for another go. We went to find Matt and Logan in the soft play…both very contented one with the ball pool and the other with a cheeky bacon sandwich!

Soft play fun!

The soft play is another great draw of Urban Jump. The facility is brand new, sparkly clean and ideal for toddlers. The soft play is open to under 5’s and can be visited exclusive of the trampoline sessions for £3.50. It’s ideal for pre schoolers as it’s big enough to be stimultating, but not so big that it gets over run by larger primary children. When we visited there were 2 other families using the soft play and there was a lovely calm, friendly atmosphere. Urban Jump plan to do preschooler story and activity sessions which you can find details of on their facebook page.

Jump sessions are priced at £10 an hour, you will need to buy Urban Jump socks on the first visit for £1.50 but these can be kept and used again for any future visits. There are also happy hour jump sessions that are priced at £7.50. Under 5 jump sessions cost £5 for a child and £5 for an accompanying adult. Please check their website for up to date timetables and booking information before visiting. We think Urban Jump is a great alternative to family outings such as bowling or the cinema….and a brilliant way for the whole family to improve physical fitness in the process!

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