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Six Amazing Playgrounds from around the UK

May 2, 2019

Getting children away from their tablets, televisions, and computer screens can sometimes be a difficult task. There is perhaps no better way than to enlist the aid of a well-designed, safe, spacious, and above all – fantastically fun playground.

Among the very first lessons children learn at school is how much fun a wide open space with some great equipment dotted around can be and you can click here to learn more about the less noticed benefits of play and playgrounds. When you’re away from school though, wherever in this sceptre isle you find yourself, there will surely be somewhere nearby to take those lessons and apply them on a much bigger scale.

The Vyne, Hampshire

Heavily inspired by the worlds and environments of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, this play-space is littered with tunnels, streams, a mountain, and all kinds of other curious areas. Perfect for running wild and free and having the best possible time. If your small ones dream of making their own questing way to Mount Doom, this could be the perfect destination.

Heartlands, Cornwall

A former industrial site, this space has been turned into a place of climbing fun, clambering adventure, and general good times for all the family. Twist and turn through an array of tunnels, explore the strange shipwreck, and run up and down the roofs, stairs, and spires of a collection of climbing frame buildings that could easily be mistaken for a wooden city. One of the best family destinations in the southwest.

Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales

While you would never openly tell your children that you want them to get lost, the maze in this castle does give a more enjoyable version of that same sensation. Alongside a wide selection of swings, climbing frames, and many other fun and game activities, Bodelwyddan also features a museum for kids to better understand the Victorian age.

The Web, North Yorkshire

Just outside the Minster city of York, you will find an amazing adventure playground that’d guaranteed to fill your children with fun memories as much as it drains them of energy. With a giant rope jungle bridge, scores of slides, and slightly out of place hair salon, this is one of the more eclectic locations you can take your children this summer. There is also a small menagerie of ponies, rabbits, chipmunks, and guinea pigs to pet and admire. A great all-round destination.

Bowood House, Wiltshire

When it comes to themes and schemes that inspire fascination and fun, there’s not much better than the golden age of swashbuckling and a pirate’s treasure ship. Bowood’s central attraction may well be enough by itself to get your car bombing down the M4 with Kidz Bop blaring in the background, but then you discover that there’s a flume there known as the “death slide”. Sounds dangerous! Probably something an adult should test first, just to be sure.

Oasis, Stockwell, London

You might think that London is a bit too claustrophobic and compressed to have the kind of space necessary to really allow kids to let loose and run wild and free. Yet the facilities on offer at the Oasis in Stockwell put pay to that assumption. With facilities ranging from a BMX track, to an array of tyre swings, go-karting track, climbing walls, and a zip wire or two, the capital is no slouch when it comes to fun outdoor family adventure times.

Wherever you find yourself holidaying this summer, or if you are looking for more of a ‘staycation’ type option, there are plenty of places to take your children that will get them out and about, running and moving in the real world the way they might have previously only reserved for Minecraft.

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