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Meat Free Supper Club at Wahaca with Tommi Miers

February 20, 2023

I was recently invited to attend a special Supper Club event at Wahaca in Brighton, hosted by Wahaca co-founder and former Masterchef champion Tommi Miers. I love being wowed by meat free dining options – and this was an absolute taste explosion. Sit back and come with me on a veritable plant based extravaganza all washed down with a side of margaritas. Salud!

Event Details

What? Meat free Mexican Supper Club – A five course tasting menu of seasonal, sustainably sourced veggie and vegan delights.

Where? Wahaca, North Street, Brighton

How much? £45 per person – including welcome drink.

What else? The event was hosted by Wahaca co-founder and author of Meat Free Mexican Thomasina Miers.

About the evening..

My guest and I were greeted with warm smiles and open arms as we stepped into the warmth of the restaurant. The place was absolutely buzzing with the sound of chatter, laughs and cocktail shakers. This is where it’s at.

As soon as we’re seated we’re served our welcome drink, a refreshing blood-orange Margarita with a kick like a mule. Feeling relaxed as the cocktails do their magic we get stuck into our first dish – nachos and Wahacamole. Tomasina has created a sustainable twist on some of the more traditional dishes, in this case the guac is made with British farmed fava beans rather than avocadoes. Loved it! A slightly different texture to the avocado but delicious all the same with a hint of creaminess and zesty tang.

The next few courses arrive in gentle succession, starting with a Tenderstem and Squash tempura (my fave out of all the dishes) perfecting the art of light and crispy with a cool side of red mayo. Enter the pickled mushroom tostada. Now, I’m not a fan of mushrooms but I devoured these. With the tostadas embracing the Street Food element, the goats cheese paired with the hazelnut chunks sealed the deal. The Mushroom Tostadas get my vote.

Room for more? The Hispi with celeriac confit is up next. I loved the smokey, flame grilled flavours paired with the vibrant colours of this dish. The spinach tamale wasn’t to my liking – I found the corn parcel a strange texture and the sauce too bitter. I know other relished this course so I wonder if my palate is just a bit unrefined when it comes to plant based?

We finished the night with orange ricotta doughnuts which we every bit as good as they sound. Warm, soft doughnuts dunked into melted chocolate dipping sauce – this is what dreams are made of! Full. Happy. This was more than your typical tasting menu – this was a learning experience. I tried foods I’ve never tasted before. Explored new sustainable concepts.. and had my horizons broadened. Thank you Wahaca and thank you Thomassina, your meat-free supper club really was a night to remember.

If you like the sound of this event why not join the next supper club with Tommi on International Women’s Day? Full details through this link.

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