Hotpoint Digital Kettle and Toaster 

June 23, 2016

The Hotpoint Digital Kettle: sleek and stylish
Hotpoint Digital Kettle

The Hotpoint Digital Kettle is pleasing to the eye from the moment it’s taken out of the box. It’s modern, stylish and metallic. I have the Hotpoint toaster to go with it and as a pair they look great! 

The lid has a push down catch on the top with causes the lid to open slowly. The jug is easy to fill as the tap can fit right inside. 

As the kettle is placed on the base it gives off a beep. This is gives reassurance the kettle is sitting as it should on the vase and is now ready to use. 

You can choose what temperature you would like the water. 90 degrees is ample for most hot drinks and saves on energy. Perhaps you’d want the water at 70 degrees if you were making you child a hot chocolate, or 100 degrees to sterilise baby’s bottle? 

The temperature setting also shows the temperature rising as the water is warmed. I really liked this function! 

Temperature reading: watch it rise!

As you press the stop / start button a bright blue light comes on in the measuring scale. This again gives reassurance that the kettle is doing the right thing and that the water is now going to get hotter. 

There is a ‘Keep warm’ setting which continuously keeps warming the water. I don’t think I would have any need to use this but I can imagine if this kettle were being used at a function or in an office this could be a desirable function. 

On occasion the lid of the kettle has popped open as it reaches boiling point. I’m not sure if this is because it’s new and the mechanism adapting to being used, or perhaps we aren’t always closing the lid firmly enough? This has happened about one in every 5 times of using the kettle. 

Finally the pour the kettle gives is neat, narrow and exact making it that little bit more enjoyable to make your cuppa!

I’m really pleased with the Hotpoint Digital kettle. It looks really smart and I’m really enjoying exploring it’s varied functions! 

The Hotpoint Digital Toaster

The Hotpoint Digital Toaster makes a handsome partner for the kettle. The toaster is sleek and attractive and would look smart in any kitchen.

Using the 2 slot toaster is simple. Place your bread in, push the mechanism down (this needs a confidently push) and watch the timer count down as your toast is prepared. My kids particularly enjoy the countdown feature as they wait for their toast to pop. 

The toaster has a number of special features: defrost, keep warm, toasted sandwich and bagel. These are all straightforward to use. Push the button, look for the symbol to appear on the orange screen start toasting. 

The toasted sandwich feature allows sandwich bagged with a filling to be toasted evenly without burning. The bagel setting allows the bagel to be browned on one side only. 

The toaster also comes it’s own rack which can easily be added to the top which allows foods like pastries to be warmed without toasting. We found this great for warming chocolate brioche so the chocolate chips we’re gooey without shoving them into the appliance.

The only criticism I have with this product is not to do with the appliance itself, but the instructions. I found them vague and sparse. The diagrams are pictures only without written explanation. However, the box comes with some more detailed written explanation of the key functions.

I’m really pleased with this toaster and would recommend it to anyone.

I reviewed these appliances on behalf of AO.

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